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Workday HCM Training

Master Workday HCM concepts HCM Fundamentals, Core Concepts and navigation of workday, organizations in workday, staffing models, jobs and positions, compensation, security groups, defining business processes, transactions in workday, report writing, calculated fields, EIB, cloud connectors in our Live instructor based interactive online training program. Please fill our contact form our senior adviser will contact you.

Workday Online Training

We are a best institute offering Workday HCM online training and workday functional online training. Our trainers are expertise, experienced and working professionals who will train you fully hands-on from day one.

Our workday hcm training is designed for those who are looking to make their career as workday consultant in world class organizations. Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Consultants are having tremendous career opportunities and Highest pay scale in the IT market because it is an exciting eco system. If you are looking for a premium workday HCM and Financials training institute then you are at right place.

Workday HCM training we will walk through HCM Fundamentals, Core Concepts and navigation of workday, organizations in workday, staffing models, jobs and positions, compensation, security groups, defining business processes, transactions in workday, report writing, calculated fields, EIB, cloud connector. We offer professional Workday Online Training and get the best workday online training and best workday training. Please fill the contact form to register with us.


  1. Having Peoplesoft Experience is an added advantage
  2. Having Core HR or Senior Admin will be great
  3. Having Experience in HR and recruitment will be beneficial
  4. Having Experience in Project Management
  5. Any IT Professional who has interest to learn workday
  6. Basic knowledge in SAP HCM is recommended

Who should attend this Training?

This is one of the most valued and respected professional requirement for Finance and Human Resources (HR) roles across all industries. This professional course is suited for:

  1. Suitable for those who are interested to enter into HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) technology
  2. Finance and Human Resources (HR) Professionals of an organization
  3. Recent MBA graduates with Finance or HR specialization
  4. Professionals planning to change, or elevate up to IT-career in the stream of Finance and HR of an organization

Read Workday HCM Interview Questions

How to get Workday Certification and what is the cost?

We give Workday HCM HCM Fundamentals, Core Concepts and navigation of workday, organizations in workday, staffing models, jobs and positions, compensation, security groups, defining business processes, transactions in workday, report writing, calculated fields, EIB, cloud connectors. Ask our support team about upcoming batches and how to enroll for the program.

Course Content

HCM Fundamentals

  • Your Workday
  • Working in Workday
  • Workday Tools

Core Concepts and Navigation of Workday

  • Overview
  • Core Concepts
  • Business Objects
  • Basic Navigation
  • Additional Navigation Topics

Organizations in Workday

  • Overview
  • Supervisory Organizations
  • Reorganization: Create Location and a Supervisory Org
  • Create Subordinate Supervisory Organization
  • Dividing Supervisory Organization
  • Additional Organization Types and Organization Hierarchies
  • Organization Assignments on Supervisory Organization
  • Create a Company Organization
  • Organization Assignments
  • Create Cost Center Hierarchy

Staffing Models

  • Overview
  • Staffing Models
  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Differentiating Staffing Models
  • Selecting Staffing Models

Jobs and Positions

  • Overview
  • Job Profiles
  • Differentiating Job Profiles, Job Families and Job FamilyGroups
  • Creating a Job Profile
  • Creating Positions and Jobs
  • Managing Filled and Unfilled Positions and Jobs
  • Create Positions and set Hiring Restrictions


  • Overview
  • Compensation Components
  • Compensation Eligibility Reports
  • Create Compensation Rules
  • Create Compensation
  • Elements and Element Groups: Pay Components
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Total Compensation
  • Compensation Rule Assignment
  • Compensation Reports

Security Groups

  • Overview
  • Configurable Security
  • Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies
  • Security Groups
  • Modifying Domain Security Policy
  • Modifying Business Process Security Policy

Defining Business Processes

  • Overview
  • Business Process Framework
  • View Business Process Diagram
  • Business Process Configuration Options
  • Business Process Functionality
  • Business Processes and Sub processes
  • Assigning Superior Organization
  • Editing Business Process for Hire Employees
  • Copying Business Process of Hire Employee Training
  • Deploying Business Processes
  • Resources and Reports

Transactions in Workday

  • Overview
  • Hiring and Supervisory Organizations
  • Process Overview
  • Hire Process
  • Assigning User Based Security Groups
  • Hire into Position Management
  • Hiring into Job Management Organizations
  • Contracting Contingent Worker

Report Writing

  • Overview and Introduction
  • Planning and Approach
  • Workday Delivered Reports
  • Important Terminologies in Workday
  • Business Objects, Data Sources, Fields and Instances
  • Custom Reports and the Types
  • Creating all types of Reports
  • Advanced features of Reporting
  • How to create Complex Advanced & Matrix Reports

Calculated Fields

  • Overview of Calculated Field
  • Authorizations required to create Calculated Fields
  • How to check Available Calculated Fields
  • How to check Calculated Fields based on Business Object
  • Copying of an existing Calculated Field
  • Creating New Calculated Field


  • Overview of EIB
  • Outbound EIB
  • Inbound EIB

CloudConnector (Core Connector & Document Transformation)

  • Overview of Core Connector and Document Transformation
  • Integration Architecture Overview
  • Workday Connectors
  • Integration System Templates
  • Core Connector: Worker
  • Core Connector: Payroll

Resume Preparation

Interview Questions Bank

Course Details:

  • Duration : 30days
  • Weekday Batch Timings: Monday-Friday daily one hour
  • Weekend Batch Timings: Saturday-Sunday two hour
  • Note: Please note that, weekday batch and weekends batch, both are separate batches and different timings. So if you want to enroll for Weekdays batch, you will have to attend in weekdays only.
    Please ask our support staff, which is going to start soon, they will help you.

About Trainer:

Our instructor is a working professional with industry experience and very insightful teaching knowledge. Our trainer will make you expertise with his real time and project based live instructor training program. Our trainers are real time working professionals in Workday. Our Workday trainers are experienced, they are having vast experience in project implementation. If you are looking for a best workday online training, then we are best place to provide that service, connect to us, to know more details, regarding our workday online training.

Course objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of the Workday
  • Understanding of Document design specifications.
  • Learn about the terminology and functionalities of workday suite
  • Configure the application to meet all identified requirements.
  • Learn about various staffing models
  • Support testing cycles by executing and troubleshooting test scripts.
  • Learn about the various business processes
  • Investigate test errors by assessing end user training or system configuration design.
  • How to implement the workday best practices

Find the best workday training institute with real-time projects. Get the HCM training online under the guidance of knowledgeable and friendly instructors. Enroll for the job oriented workday training program online with interview questions and resume preparation. Are you looking for the experienced tutor online who can help you with workday technology? then we are here to help you in professional teaching and Hands-on program. Connect with the industry person who have tremendous real time environment experience and shares live integration experiences regarding workday online training.

Participants Reviews

Janette Williams
Workday Consultant - PwC Atlanta
Excellent Workday HCM Training

CRS Info Solutions is excellent institute for Workday online training and it is proved with my experience, completed workday online training at CRS Info Solutions. The instructor is very knowledgeable and patient in answering my numerous questions and guided me through the class. Instructors supplied Good course material and structured modules in each course. I am very impressed with the CRS Info Solutions workday online training in USA.

Diana Bender
Workday Consultant - Fortworth Dallas
HCM Guru

Instructor is a genius in explaining the HCM concepts HCM Fundamentals, Core Concepts and navigation of workday, organizations in workday, staffing models, jobs and positions, compensation, security groups, defining business processes, transactions in workday, report writing, calculated fields, EIB, cloud connectors. You can interact with trainer in the live session and clear your questions.

Andrew Wakerly
Workday Consultant - Accenture Bay Area
Well structured

CRS Info Solutions Workday HCM course is well structured right from course syllabus content, teaching, interactive sessions, PowerPoint, daily material, interview questions and exercises. In each class instructor will tell us the important interview questions and clearly explains about their significance.

Robert J. Marion
Workday Consultant - Deloitte NYC
Technically Sound

I enrolled for Workday HCM Training at CRS Info Solutions. The instructor seems to be very technically sound in their subject and bring a lot of real-life scenarios during the sessions which makes it very easy to relate. He explained HCM core concepts with easy to understand examples and supplied useful material.

Charlotte Martin
Workday Consultant - Accenture Houston
Very Helpful

Great place to learn Workday HCM Course. Good thing about the trainer is that it he is available to you for life time, you can always return and also request for help or guidance. He helped me a lot in resume preparation.

Deepak Menon
IBM Engineer
Advanced Course

I was working on IBM Tool which is not in demand. So many people in my circle suggested to learn Workday. I contacted CRS Info Solutions then joined in Workday Online Training. I am happy with the training material and online classes. Especially trainer is very experienced and very insightful teaching and support from admin also very friendly.

Sandeep Chattarjee
Consultant at UK
Best Real-time Scenarios

Enrolled in CRS Info Solutions for Workday HCM Online Training. Trainer used Quotes of good examples in the usage of technical concepts in a real-time scenario. It is 100% interactive which I like the most. I suggest CRS Info Solutions to my friends who are looking for workday HCM training.

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