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Salesforce Training in Hyderabad | Course Price | Training institute in Hyderabad

Salesforce Training in Hyderabad | Salesforce Certification course in Ameerpet

Are you confused about the different Salesforce modules, and wonder which the best is for you? We understand your problem, and have come up with a free demo SF Course training class meant just for you. 

The class covers everything you need to know about the various modules involved in becoming a Salesforce CRM professional in Hyderabad and get this SFDC training course Ameerpet.  

With a new batch on Salesforce training near you is scheduled to start soon, it’s advisable to enroll in our free orientation class now. 

Upcoming Demo Dates:

Please note the following dates are demo class or orientation only, actual batch starting details will be announced by our faculty at the time of demo class. Try to join our free orientation class by filling our contact form. We will try to arrange appropriate timings based on your flexible timings.

  • Weekend

    31 MAY, 2020 – 30 JUN, 2020

    10:00AM IST

  • Weekend

    7 Jun, 2020 – 6 Jul, 2020

    10:00AM IST

  • Weekend

    14 JUN, 2020 – 13 JUL, 2020

    10:00AM IST

  • Weekend

    21 JUN, 2020 – 20 JUL, 2020

    10:00AM IST

  • Weekend

    28 JUN, 2020 – 27 JUL, 2020

    10:00AM IST

  • Weekend

    5 JUL, 2020 – 4 AUG, 2020

    10:00AM IST

  • Weekend

    12 JUL, 2020 – 11 AUG, 2020

    10:00AM IST

  • Weekend

    19 JUL, 2020 – 18 AUG, 2020

    10:00AM IST

  • Weekend

    26 JUL, 2020 – 25 AUG, 2020

    10:00AM IST

  • Timings not matching with your schedule?

    Fill the Contact form, we will schedule a flexible Demo as per your convenience.

    Who we are

    We are a top ranking Salesforce CRM Online training institute near me. We offer various SF training modules, which is why we suggest you join our free demo class. So, It will help you find out the right module for your experience and needs. 

    Our qualified and professional experts will give you the best counselling possible in the demo class. Our team of trainers have more than 10 years experience and expertise in SFDC teaching. 

    They used their expertise and knowledge to convert complex topics into easily understood modules. Because, it’s to help elevate your Salesforce Administration and Development module skills. 

    We suggest you attend all five live demos on Salesforce CRM training and certification program covering Admin, Developer Modules and Job Market Analysis. So, our trainers will clear all your doubts during the interactive demo class that lasts 60-70 minutes.

    Find the best institute for project based [Salesforce training in Hyderabad] [updated 2020]. Interview questions, certification assistance, daily assignments and much more included in the training program.

    About Salesforce Training

    The Salesforce Online Training teaches you basics to advanced SFDC concepts to help you create your own applications in SFDC platform. We help make you an expert in administration declarative development. We also help you prepare for SF Certification by teaching certification questions and answers. 

    We also provide 100% practical based Salesforce Administration and Development training with real-time project training. The acquired practical knowledge helps face any job placement interviews, and helps in managing consultant duties. 

    The course features

    The course covers most important Salesforce Administration and development concepts, along with chatter, sandbox and lightning essentials. It’s 10 weeks’ long with real-life and industry-based case studies on topics like Visual force, CRM concepts, Workflow process and SF CRM administration. 

    We also provide assignments, important in review questions, optimal customer support, resume preparation help and a Salesforce certification.

    Who can attend?The course is suitable for professionals passionate about CRM and cloud computing. 

    It includes:

    • Siebel and other CRM product professionals
    • Functional consultants wanting to switch to better Salesforce careers
    • Experienced professionals looking for a Salesforce platform job
    • Freshers starting in their cloud computing career
    • Java, C# and mainframe developers looking for a boost in their career and pay hike. 
    • Even people without any programming knowledge because you are taught the basics.

    Course costs

    We can’t quote a fixed price because Salesforce online and classroom training costs varies between institutes. 

    Course timings

    We will announce the course timings during the demo session. 

    Missed classes 

    Don’t worry if you miss any classes. We will send you a video recording of that class to maintain continuity. 

    So if you want to learn SFDC training to face tough interviews, then you must join our free demo class. We will plan the class as per your convenience and time slot availability, so don’t miss it! 

    Contact us now to learn more about the available Salesforce training time slots.

    Find the job oriented Salesforce CRM training in ameerpet, Hyderabad who can offer you fully practice based course with a real time project work and fully hands on course. Find salesforce institutes for training in ameerpet with job oriented curriculum. Top 10 SFDC CRM career building program course in Kukatpally and Gachibowli list of training institutes near you.

    Fill our contact form to attend free live demo. What is the cost of Salesforce online training in our city| Ameerpet | Gachibowli | Madhapur | Kukatpally? Find the top ranked CRM Training fee in Hyderabad is affordable and we’ll have part payment option to make things easier for you. All modules includes Administration, Development, Lightning, SF Essentials, Sandbox (Please join our free demo class to know which module suites to you according to your experience and other factors. Our professional experts will give you best counselling in demo class.) We are top ranked institute for SF CRM training in Hyderabad in terms of pricing and career development, so you can utilize this opportunity and become a CRM professional in our city. Find the best discount by joining our free demo class.

    Update: New batch on “SFDC online training in near me” starting soon, enroll now for free orientation class. Talk to our representative to know if any discount offer available.

    SF Training

    Find the top Computer institutes for salesforce online training and achieve your learning goals with expert instructors from industry. CRS Info Solutions is a pioneer in offering SF CRM training with a 10+ years of experienced working professional as instructor who can text you from basic foundation. We included real time SF projects, scenario based interview questions with answers, daily tasks and 100% Hands on learning that boosts your skills.Enroll today to get free access to our live demo session which is a great opportunity to interact with the trainer directly for Salesforce Administration and development training in Hyderabad.

    Attend Free live demo on Salesforce CRM Training and Certification program in Hyderabad which includes Admin(201) and Developer(401) Modules and Job Market Analysis by our trainer. Ask your questions in the interactive demo related to SF CRM Training.

    About our instructor:
    about our trainer CRS Info Solutions SFDC training Hyderabad

    • Our trainer is a real-time working professional as a SF consultant.
    • He has over 10+ years industry experience
    • Trained more than 4160+ students.
    • Teach Corporate and classroom Training.
    • 4X Certified in CRM
    • Popular Trainer
    • Expert in giving practical assignments along with training in Hyderabad
      Helpful in assisting students to solve problems
    • Helps in Job Support, Resume Preparation and supplies latest SF Interview Questions.

    Key Features

    Key features S Info Solutions Salesforce training

    • 10 weeks of Interactive Class
    • Real-life Case Studies
    • Assignments
    • Industry based case studies
    • Expert based Certification
    • Best customer support
    • Resume Preparation
    • Interview questions

    About the Course

    Salesforce Training in Hyderabad with job assistance will make you an expert in all the concepts related to administration and declarative development options. It will also help you prepare for SF Certification (both SFDC Admin 201 & App Builder Certification).

    Who can Attend?

    who can attend S Info Solutions Salesforce training

    This SF course is suitable for all professionals who are passionate about CRM and cloud computing typical profiles, but not limited to, who go for salesforce online training are:

    • Siebel and other CRM product professionals
    • Experienced professionals who are looking to have an exciting career in the leading Cloud Computing platform
    • Functional consultants who are looking to switch to lucrative career called Salesforce
    • Freshers who are looking to get a jump start to their careers in Cloud computing
    • Lateral developers who have worked in Java, mainframe and C# and are looking for a boost to their career from legacy platform at least 50-100% more pay.

    SFcourse other information

    Course Content


    • Introduction to CRM
    • Introduction to Sales Cycle
    • Understanding the terminologies of CRM
    • Introduction to SFDC
    • Understanding the workflow of SFDC with a real time example

    SFDC BASICS AND DEVELOPMENT Understanding the terms in SFDC

    • Introduction to SFDC Editions
    • Creating Objects, Tabs and Apps in SFDC
    • Creating layouts and applying hierarchy
    • Creating roles and profiles
    • Creating workflow rules
    • Creating Tasks and Events
    • Understanding the SFDC admin system
    • Creating relationships between the objects


    • Invoking Apex
    • Creating Apex Classes and triggers
    • Customization using Apex programming
    • Integration to third party systems using SFDC AP
    • Introduction to Visual Force
    • Creating Visual Force pages
    • Creating Packages
    • Deploying SFDC
    • Using Visual Force in a real time scenario
    • Creating Reports and Dashboards
    • How CRM is useful in Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing etc

    Salesforce CRM online Training Course Hyderabad Overview:

    Cloud Computing Fundamentals

    • Introduction to the Cloud Computing
    • Evolution of Cloud Computing
    • Comparisons with other computing techniques fetchers
    • Key characteristics of cloud computing
    • Advantages/Disadvantages
    • Classification of Cloud Computing

    1. Based on as a service model

    1. SAAS (Software as a service)
    2. PAAS (Platform as a service)
    3. IAAS (Infrastructure as a service

    2. Based on deployment or access model

    1. Public Cloud
    2. Private Cloud
    3. Hybrid Cloud

    Sales force CRM Concepts

    • What is CRM?
    • How CRM can help?
    • Sales force CRM Navigation terminology
    • Compare CRM with other CRM products
    • Customization in sales force .com CRM
    • Introduction to sales force CRM Setup tool
    1. Personal Setup
    2. App Setup
    3. Admin Setup

    SALESFORCE.COM CLOUD OVERVIEW Online classes in Hyderabad

    • Sales Cloud
    • Service Cloud
    • Collaboration Cloud





    • Set your organization’s language & locale
    • Manage currency


    • Create custom profiles & custom fields
    • Define dependent pick list
    • Customize lookup fields
    • Customize validation & formulas
    • Customize page layouts
    • Customize standard related lists
    • Use field-level security


    • Define workflow
    • Set up workflow rules
    • Set up workflow tasks & alerts


    • Plan approvals using workflow
    • Use the approval wizard – standard vs. jump start
    • Create workflow approvals
    • Create & Manager Users
    • Set organization-wide defaults
    • Learn about record accessed
    • Create the role hierarchy
    • Learn about role transfer & mass Transfer functionality
    • Profiles, Login History

    DATA UTILITIES classes in Hyderabad

    • Importing overview
    • Learn about import solutions & Custom Object records using the data loader
    • User mass delete


    • Learn about custom objects
    • Learn about custom tabs
    • Learn about custom web tabs


    • The AppExchange
    • Install an app
    • Delete an app


    • Introduction and Tools
    • Purpose of Visualfoce
    • MVC Architecture


    • Variables and Formulas
    • Standard Controllers and Standard List Controllers
    • Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions
    • Using static resources and custom components
    • Styling VF pages
    • Overriding buttons, links and tabs with VF
    • Using JavaScript in VF Pages
    • Advanced examples


    • Introduction to Apex
    • Pupose of Apex

    APEX FUNDAMENTALS course in hyderabad

    • Collections
    • Loops



    • What is an sObject
    • SOQL and SOSL Queries



    2. DEVELOPER classes in Ameerpet Hyderabad

    (so YOU can apply for job as a ADMINISTRATOR or DEVELOPER if you finish COURSE here, no worry WE LL MAKE CV WITH PROJECTS, MOCKINTERVIEWS)


    1. CRM Overview & SaaS
    2. Applications (Marketing, Sales, Service) Overview
    3. Configuration Basics Overview
      1. Application Elements Overview (Tabs, App, Links, HomePage Component)
      2. Building Blocks Overview (Objects, Page Layouts, Related List, Fields, Buttons etc)
      3. Workflow Rules Overview
    4. Personal Customization (Password Reset, Login Access, Calendar Sharing etc)
    5. System Administration
      1. Roles
      2. Profiles
      3. User Setup
      4. Login History
      5. Queues vi.Groups
    6. Advanced System Administration (Security Controls)
      1. OWD
      2. Sharing Settings
      3. Password Policies
      4. Audit Trail
      5. Communication Templates
      6. Data Loader
      7. Mass Update/Transfer Records
      8. Storage Usage
      9. Monitoring Logs & Jobs
      10. x. Concluding Session with Q&A


    1. CRM Overview
    2. Salesforce Architecture (SaaS, PaaS, On Demand)
    3. Applications (Marketing, Sales, Service) Overview
    4. Advanced Configuration
      1. Application Elements (Tabs, App, Links, HomePage Component)
      2. Building Blocks & Configuration ( Objects, Page Layouts, Related List, Fields, Buttons, Formula Fields, Relationship fields, Lookup Master Detail, Cross Object, reference Workflows and Approvals, Workflow actions: Email, Tasks, Outbound etc )
      3. Workflow Rules & Approval Processes
      4. Time Dependent Workflows
    5. Personal Customization (Password Reset, Security Token Login Access, Calendar Sharing etc)
    6. System Administration Basics
      1. User Setup
      2. Login History
      3. Queues
      4. Groups
    7. Apex Development Basics classes in Hyderabad
      1. Apex Classes
      2. Apex Triggers
      3. VF Pages
    8. Concluding Session with Q&A


    1. CRM Overview
    2. Architecture (SaaS, PaaS, On Demand)
    3. Advanced Configuration
      1. Application Elements ( Tabs, App, Links, HomePage Component )
      2. Salesforce Building Blocks & Configuration ( Objects, Page Layouts, Related List, Fields, Buttons, Formula Fields, Relationship Fields, Lookup Master Detail, Cross Object Reference, Workflows and Approvals, Workflow actions: Email, Tasks, Outbound etc )
      3. Workflow Rules & Approval Processes
      4. Time Dependent Workflows
    4. Personal Customization ( Password Reset, Security Token Login Access, Calendar Sharing etc )
    5. Apex Development Building Blocks
      1. Apex Classes
      2. VF Pages
      3. Apex Trigger
      4. SOQL
      5. SOSL
      6. Debugging
      7. System Log
    6. Apex API Programming coures in Ameerpet
      1. SOQL & SOSL
      2. Batch Apex
      3. Writing Apex Classes as Web Services
      4. Email API
    7. Visual Force Programming
      1. SOQL & SOSL
      2. Standard Controller
      3. Custom Controller
      4. List Controller
      5. Controller Extensions
    8. Apex Triggers
      1. Trigger Events
      2. Design Pattern
      3. Bulk Trigge

    You can attend to our live Salesforce training in Ameerpet demo class by filling our contact inquiry form.

    Salesforce is one of the disruptive trends in 21st century innovations Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud technology. In IT sector it is generating millions of new jobs. It’s a buzz question that “What is SFDC course fee in ameerpet? And what is the cost for certification?”. You will find the answers to your questions related to SFDC training and certification. SF course career development training institutes in kukatpally, gachibowli, dilsukhnagar, ameerpet, madhapur and Banjarahills Hyderabad.

    Salesforce training cost for online and classroom varies from one institute to another. We can’t say a fixed price for this course and how all institutes are charging fee but we get an overview how the charges are there and which is the best training institute in Hyderabad with real time project’s included in the course program.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ⭐ Do you help me with SFDC certification near me?

    Yes, we will help you with certification. We’ll teach you certification questions with answers that will help you to pass the exams Admin 201, development 401 and lighting etc.,

    ⭐ Is this salesforce training helps me with placement assistance and interview questions?

    We give a real-time project oriented SFDC CRM training in ameerpet Hyderabad with 100% practicals, from day 1 you will learn practically. You will gain practical knowledge that will help you to face any interviews confidently in SF company interviews in Hyderabad. So, are you willing to learn SFDC training to face any tough interviews, then join our free demo once, we’ll help you.

    ⭐ What are the salesforce class timings?

    Regular class timings will be announced at the time of demo session. So don’t miss our demo session to know our Salesforce training timing, which will be planned as per your convenience and availability of the time slots. Contact our support team on +91-7013283324

    ⭐ Who are the instructors for this training in Ameerpet?

    Our trainers have minimum 10+ years real-time experience and expertise in teaching SF, they always put great efforts to convert complex topics into easily understandable modules. Experience the professional SFDC training and certification program in Hyderabad with hands on approach and elevate your skills in SF Administration and Development modules.

    ⭐ What if I miss any class?

    If you miss any class, you will get that class video recording, so that you don’t lose any class in our Salesforce training in my city. We’ll arrange the library where you can access our valuable material that will help you in passing Certification and job interviews.

    ⭐ Do you provide training for Salesforce Administration and SF Development in this course?

    Yes, we are providing the fully practicals based SF Administration (301) and Development (401) training in Hyderabad this course which will help you finding a best company to work for you.

    ⭐ What are the topics covered in SF training in ameerpet Hyderabad?

    We cover wide range of important concepts of Administration, Development, chatter, sandbox and lightning essentials are covered in the SF training. Few of the important topics include:

    • CRM concepts
    • CRM administration
    • Workflow Process
    • Deployment
    • Migration Strategies
    • Connection between setup and environment
    • Inbound and Outbound change set up
    • Packaged Deployment
    • Apex
    • Visualforce
    • Lightning Essentials

    ⭐ What can I learn through Salesforce training?

    You will learn SF concepts from basics to advanced using which you can create your own applications in sfdc platform. Our practical training helps you to manage Salesforce consultant duties in a company in our city.

    ⭐ I do not have any programming knowledge. Can I go for SF training ameerpet Hyderabad?

    For sure anybody without any programming knowledge can learn SFDC . Our course advantage is anybody can learn without having any coding experience, we’ll teach from basics, that’s our guarantee.

    Still you have any questions? Feel free to WhatsApp them on the number showing top of the website.

    Students Testimonials

    Students learning our salesforce certification program from Gachibowli, Madhapur, Kukatpally, Dilsukhnagar, ameerpet locations with daily assignments and project works.

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