What are the important uses of Salesforce CRM?

What are the important uses of Salesforce CRM?

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SalesForce or SFDC as it is called is basically a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which is used to keep track of all interactions with the customers, provide a 360 degree view, provide better services to customers etc. It is typically integrated with ERPs .

As such it is used in Marketing, Sales, Support. Over a period of time SFDC has evolved and now also provides a development platform for developing cloud based applications using SFDC technologies.

Salesforce is highly used by most of the organization now a days. It is being used for following purpose:

Backup – highly secure system.
Customer service (Service Cloud)
Lead Generation and forecasting (Sales Cloud).

What Companies are using Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM cloud software which is used as SaaS & PaaS some of the important company which uses are.

Amazon Web services
American Expressan
And the list goes on……

You can expect at least 10-15 years job security and job satisfaction in Salesforce CRM domain.

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