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Web Methods

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Web Methods

Introduction to Integration

  • Introduction to Integration Tools
  • Introduction to EAI, B2B, B2C
  • Overview of XML


  • Introduction To webMethods
  • webMethods Architecture
  • WebMethods Components:
  • Runtime Components
  • Design Components
  • Administration and Monitoring Components
  • Installation Component
  • Deployment Component

Introduction to webMethods developer Elements in Developer

  • Creating Packages, Folders, Java Service
  • Creating webServices
  • Creating Flatfile schema
  • Creating Flatfile Dictionary
  • Creating Flow Services
  • Creating IS Schemas, IS documents
  • Creating Client Code (C/C++, Java,VB)
  • Testing and Debugging Flow Services
  • Creating Adapter Connections (SAP, SQL Server, Oracle)

Broker Concepts

  • Creating Broker
  • Creating Broker Territory
  • Creating Broker Gateway
  • Working with Broker Documents
  • Publish and Subscribe the documents
  • Creating Adapter Services
  • Creating Adapter Notifications
  • Usage Built-in Services
  • Converting XML Messages to Database Object

WebMethods Integration Server Administration

  • Architecture
  • Restarting and Stopping the server
  • Creating Ports for https/ftp/file/polling/http
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Publishing the Packages
  • Creating Sheduler Tasks

WebMethods Monitor

  • Monitoring the Services
  • Monitoring the Documents
  • Resubmitting the Services, documents

WebMethods Deployer

  • Deployment Steps:
  • Creating Deployment Project
  • Define,Build,Mapping the Projects
  • Deploy the Project

WebMethods Trading Network & Modeler

  • Introduction to webMethods Trading Networks
  • Introduction to webMethods Modeler

Advanced Topics

  • Introduction to webMethods BAM
  • Introduction to webMethods Fabrics 6.5

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