UI Customizations in Salesforce Admin

UI Customizations in Salesforce Admin

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In this article, we will learn how we can customize the user interface in salesforce using layouts.

We will cover the below points:

  1. Page Layouts and Record types
  2. Mini and Compact Page Layouts
  3. Search Layouts

Page Layouts and Record Types

Page Layouts

Page Layout in Salesforce permits us to customize the plan and organization of detail and alter pages of records in Salesforce. Page layouts can be utilized to control the appearance of areas, related records, and custom joins on standard and custom object’s detail and alter page. 

It moreover controls which standard and custom buttons will be obvious on detail pages and related lists. Fields can be set as unmistakable, read-only, and required on page layouts. 

Note: Page formats ought to not be the sole implies to limit get to touchy information a client ought to see or alter since it controls as it is a record’s alter page and detail page on other parts of the stage from where the records can be made or overhauled.

Record Types

Record types gives the ability to assign different field values and different page layouts to different users. You can create record types to show different set of fields and their values to the different set of users.

With Page layouts you can show/hide actions, fields, s-controls, Vf Pages, custom links, and related record pages. They also help determine which columns are visible, read only, and required for which profiles.

The record type makes it conceivable to show as it were the alternatives that each group or profile has to see without making a partitioned field. Another included reward is that through the page layout, you’ll make distinctive areas required for these distinctive groups.

Mini and Compact Layouts

Mini layouts

Salesforce Smaller than expected Page layouts contain a subset of the things in an existing page layout. When we drift on the record on later things, we see the areas which are display in scaled-down page layouts. Each page layout has its claim scaled down page layout. Here the field gets to settings and profile affiliations to page layouts matter.

Compact Layouts

Compact layouts are the layouts which can be used to see the details of the record at high level i.e., fast lookup. When we hove over any lookup field then a popup appears which comes from the compact layouts. It can have a greatest of 10 areas. We can add all types of fields except text area, long text area, rich text area, and multi-select picklist.

Search Layouts

We’re all recognizable with the global search at the beat of the page, but in case you haven’t customized the look that comes about for each object, at that point you may be letting your clients down.

By default, all lookup dialogs and related records that result from new relationships as it were show record names or numbers. You need to add fields in the search layouts to show it on lookup dialog and related records.

Search Layout contains different set of fields which are shown when that object’s records is searched in the global search.Search Layout contains following elements:

  1. Search Results
  2. Lookup dialogs
  3. Lookup Phone Dialogs
  4. Object Tab
  5. Object List View
  6. Search Filter Field
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