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Splunk Online Training

Splunk Online Training by CRS Info Solutions details, splunk job support, online classes and other useful information. Contact us to know more details about splunk and provide you best trainer for splunk online training.

Course Content

  • Introduction to SPLUNK
    • Introduce Splunk
    • Run basic searches
    • Identify the contents of search results
    • Control a search job
    • Set the time range of a search
    • Use the output of a search to refine your search
  • SPLUNK -Installation
    • Requirement before installation
    • Splunk Installation on window & linux
  • SPLUNK – Authentication
    • Describe Authentication
    • Set Authentication
    • Maintain user & groups under splunk
  • SPLUNK – Log Architecture
    • Importance of logs
    • Centralized Log Architecture
    • Maintain and monitor Logs
  • SPLUNK – Using Search
    • Save and share search results
    • Save searches
    • Schedule searches
  • SPLUNK – Fields
    • Understand fields
    • Use fields in searches
    • Use the fields sidebar
  • SPLUNK – Tags and Event Types
    • Introduce tags
    • Set tags and use tags in a search
    • Configure event types and their uses
    • Set and use event types in a search
  • SPLUNK – Alerts
    • Describe alerts
    • Set Alerto Monitoring alerts
  • SPLUNK – Indexing
    • Describe Indexing
    • Set IIS logs under index
  • SPLUNK – Dashboard
    • Describe Dashboard
    • Configure Dashboard
    • Importance of Dashboard
  • SPLUNK – Reports
    • Develop reports and carts
    • Maintain Dashboards Utilization with reports


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