Selenium Training

Selenium Course Overview

Selenium it is an automatic testing web-based application. Here we learn writing test cases,use cases, Selenium web driver API, selenium IDE, Usage of selenium.Attend demo of  Selenium Training by Expert.

Objectives of the Course

  • Java-based Test Script Development
  • Hands-on Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium architecture and Related Components

Who should take this course

  • Freshers and students
  • Working Professionals

Selenium Training Content

Manual + Jira + Core Java + Cucumber + Selenium WebDriver
+ TestNG + Frameworks + Web Services with Project


Module 1: Selenium Components & Object Identification

Module 2: Core Java

Module 3: WebDriver with Project Testing

Module 4: Framework Design & Implementation from Scratch

Module 5: Integration of Third party Tools in Framework

Module 6: Fundamentals of RESTFULL service in Java

Module 1: Selenium Components & Object Identification

Automation Testing Overview &Process

  • What is automation testing
  • Why Testing tools?
  • Difference between manual & Automation Testing
  • Advantages of Automation Testing
  • When to start Automation Testing
  • Tool Evaluation or POC

Types of Automation tools

  • Licensed Tools
  • Open Source Tools

Test Automation Fundamentals

  • Automated Testing
  • Benefits of Automation Testing
  • Limitations of Automation Testing

Automation Testing Tools

  • Test Automation Tool Evaluation
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Difference between Selenium and QTP

Selenium Components

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium GRID

Object Identification/Locators

  • Introduction to element locators
  • Types of Element Locators
  • Writing Xpath Manually
  • Types of Xpath
  • findElement & FindElements
  • Element locators on different browsers

Module 2: Core Java

Core Java Fundamentals

About Eclipse

  • Installation of Java
  • Installation of Eclipse IDE
  • Creating Project in eclipse
  • Writing & Executing programs in Eclipse IDe
  • Eclipse and Selenium together
  • Debugging using Eclipse

 Language Fundamentals

  • History & Features of java
  • Introduction to Java Programming
  • Keywords & Class and Object
  • Data Types& Variables
  • Arrays, Construction and Initialization

Conditional Statements

  • if else condition
  • nested if else condition
  • Switch case statement
  • Examples for all the if conditions

Loop Statement

  • While Loop
  • Do-while
  • For loop
  • Foreach loop
  • Examples for loops


  • break
  • continue
  • Examples for keywords


  • What is Array
  • Advantages of Array in Java
  • Working with Array and ForEach loop
  • Examples for Array

Packages , Classes and Objects

  • What are Packages
  • Creating packages , Class & Objects
  • Types of Methods
  • Writing user defined methods


  • What is Inheritance
  • Advantage of inheritance
  • Types of Inheritance
  • Examples for inheritance


  • What is polymorphism
  • Method OverLoad
  • Method OverRide
  • Examples


  • Introduction
  • Examples


  • Define Abstraction Class
  • Define Abstract Methods
  • Steps to define Abstraction


  • Implementing interface
  • Difference between Abstraction & Interface
  • Implements vs extends

Module 3: WebDriver with Project Testing

Basic Selenium / Web Driver

  • Introduction to selenium
  • Advantages of web driver
  • Web Driver v/s RC
  • Architecture of Web Driver and RC
  • Configure Selenium with Eclipse IDE(Adding Selenium jar files)
  • Working with drivers Firefox, Chrome &IE, etc…
  • Creating the generic scripts in Web Driver
  • Navigate methods

Advanced Stuff


  • Handling alerts
  • Alert interface methods
  • Handling Frames/Iframes
  • Locating Frames
  • Switching between Frames
  • Using window handler methods
  • Switching between windows

Dropdown ,WebTablepage back commands

  • Handling dropdown
  • Select class methods
  • Select Single value & multiple values
  • Reading data from webtable
  • Page back commands


  • Introduction of wait Methods
  • Use of Wait methods in selenium
  • Types of Wait Methods
  • Difference between Thread.sleep,ImplicitWati&ExplicitWait
  • Different Expected Conditions in Webdriver


  • Capturing screenshots
  • How to take data from DB
  • Handling Ajax events
  • Capturing screenshot on failure
  • Handling Auto Suggestions
  • Different Selenium Exceptions
  • File upload and download

Robot Class, Mouse Events

  • Robot class in Web driver
  • Simulating Keyboard Events
  • Windows popup using Robot class
  • Action class
  • Mouse Over Actions
  • Drag & Drop Actions

JavaScript Executer in Web driver

  • What is JavaScript Executor?
  • What is JavaScript Executor in Selenium?
  • When we have to use JavaScript Executer

Working with Excel

  • Configure Apache POI with Eclipse
  • Workbook,Sheet,Row,Cell ,methods
  • HSSFWorkbook .HSSFSheet,HSSFRow ,HSSFCell methods
  • How to Read data from Excel file(XLS or XLSX)
  • How to Write data to excel file

Module 4: Framework Design & Implementation from Scratch

Automation Framework Implementation

  • Modular Framework
  • TestNG Framework
  • Hybrid Framework
  • POM Framework

TestNG and Junit in Selenium

  • Introduction to TestNG
  • Advantages of TestNG over Junit
  • TestNG Features
  • Configure TestNG with Eclipse
  • Writing Selenium testing script from scratch
  • Running the Test
  • Checking the reports generated by TestNG
  • Annotations used in TestNG
  • Prioritizing Tests
  • TestNG with Excel data
  • Create Testng.xml
  • Creating and running Test suites using TestNG
  • Skipping Tests
  • Setting priority of execution for test cases
  • Executing group of regression/sanity/smoke test cases using TestNG

Advanced TestNG concepts

  • Printing the log statements in TestNG report
  • TestNG Results output folder walkthrough
  • Running Parallel & Distributed tests

Module 5: Integration of Third party Tools in Framework


  • Log4j Introduction
  • Usage of Logger
  • Add Log4j Jars
  • Integrate Log4j in Selenium
  • How to Integrate Log4j in Framework

Jenkins Integration

  • Why Jenkins
  • Installation of Jenkins
  • Steps to integrate Jenkins
  • Configure Email notification in Jenkins
  • Scheduling Jenkins Jobs
  • Integration with Selenium Scripts and Running Scripts
  • Creating Batch file
  • Executing scripts using batchfile

Git Hub Integration

  • What is Git Hub
  • How to create Git Hub Account
  • Setup of GitHub in Eclipse
  • What is Commit and push
  • Steps to perform Push and Commit
  • Integrating with Framework


  • What is Maven
  • Using the pom.xml file
  • Setting up the Maven project in eclipse editor
  • Building and running the selenium Maven project
  • Adding Dependencies to pom.xml
  • Updating the selenium project dependencies by using Maven

Cucumber Tool with Web Driver

  • Cucumber tool Overview
  • Difference between Cucumber & other automation tools
  • Preparing Features File having test scenarios
  • Writing Runner Class
  • Given, When, Then, And, But annotations and usage in features class
  • Cucumber HTML Reports
  • Usage of cucumber tool with Web driver


  • Behavioral Driven development (BDD)
  • Cucumber Project Setup
  • Feature file
  • Gherkin language
  • Working with simple scenario
  • Working with Datatable

Design Pattern

  • Page Object Model
  • Page Factory

Sikuli/Auto it Tool for handling windows

  • Sikuli Overview
  • Why Sikuli?
  • Configure Sikuli with Selenium
  • Sikuli scripts in Selenium Web Driver

Selenium Grid

  • Selenium Grid Overview
  • Hub & Node details
  • Desired Capabilities & Remote WebDriver
  • Configure Hub & Node
  • Executing scripts using Grid

Module 6: Fundamentals on RESTFULL service in Java

  • Introduction to Web Services
  • Protocol used in web services
  • Components of web services
  • RESTfulapi response code
  • Commonly used REST api HTTP methods
  • Sample program to run API

Manual Testing

Module 1 :  Software Testing Fundamentals

Module 2 : Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC)

Module 3 : Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Module 4 : Test Engineer Responsibilities

Module 5 :  Defect Management

Module 1: Software Testing Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Software Testing
  • Software Development Process
  • What is Software & Software Testing?
  • Define QA Process
  • History of Software testing
  • Objective of Testing
  • Software Testing Scope
  • Why Testing required?
  • Definition, Basics & Types
  • Software Testing as a Career Path (Skills, Salary, Growth)
  • Why software has Defects
  • Services based vs Product based Companies
  • What is Software Quality?
  • What is Quality Assurance?
  • Why testing cannot ensure Quality?
  • Diff between QA and Testing

Testing Roles and Responsibilities

  • Software Test Engineer
  • Senior Software Test Engineer
  • Test Lead, Test Manager

Software Testing Methods

  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Gray Box Testing