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Salesforce Training Online and Certification

  • Included Real time Projects
  • Practical Assignments
  • Useful Material
  • Interview questions
  • Certification Help
  • Resume preparation
  • 100% Practical based

Salesforce Training Online

We provide Professional Salesforce Online Training program to our participants, attend from any part of the world to learn salesforce course virtually. We help you to reach your learning goals with 100% Practical approach and Industry based scenarios. CRS Info Solutions is a leading institute for Salesforce CRM online training and Certification program. Enroll for our Salesforce Online Training and become a Certified CRM Consultant. We offer CRM Training and Certification under the guidance of experienced and friendly instructors who assist you with Certification Programs and Interview Questions that helps to get a new job with good salary hike.

Upcoming Batches:

Course Date Time Enroll
Salesforce Admin + Dev 29-10-2018 Morning Batch
Salesforce Admin + Dev 05-11-2018 Morning Batch
Salesforce Admin + Dev 12-11-2018 Morning Batch
Salesforce Admin + Dev 19-11-2018 Morning Batch
Salesforce Admin + Dev 26-11-2018 Morning Batch

Course Fee:

Salesforce Admin + Developer:
Regular Price: Rs. 24,000
Offer Price: Rs. 18,000/-
Save: Rs. 6,000/-

Course Duration:
8 weeks for Admin + Developer

Upcoming Batch Details:
Every Monday We will start a new batch.
Interested people can attend demo.

You can fill the contact form. Our senior consultant will come in touch with you and invite you to Free Demo Interactive Session with our trainer.

In Live Demo you will see:

  • Course Overview
  • Current CRM job market Analysis
  • Course Curriculum
  • FAQs
  • Instructor Experiences
  • Q&A session and
  • More details…

So, don’t miss our Free Demo Interactive Class which will be sent to you through email (Prefer to share Gmail because it’s easy to share our material).

Benefits of Salesforce CRM as Career.

Learn Salesforce Admin (201) and Developer(401) Online Training to become a certified professional with high salary in USA, UK, Australia and Indian IT companies Deloitte, Accenture, Bank of America, Google and many more.

Higher adoption rate: Salesforce hourly billing is very high.

Better job opportunities: IDC survey published that Salesforce will create huge new employment opportunities.

Career growth: It has Excellent Progress as per Gartner’s latest report.

Cloud computing: Cloud computing has robust performance and highly scalable. If you are looking to shift your job then it’s the right time. Salesforce is cloud computing, our training focuses to make you expect in sfdc cloud based concepts.

Read Salesforce Admin Certification Topics and how salesforce certification exam pattern will be. We provide daily notes, course material and real time projects, affordable fee, multiple payment options, Industry standard course curriculum, extensive support in our Salesforce CRM Online Training.

So, are you interested to join in free Salesforce Training Webinar interactive session, fill the contact form. Get Free DEMO invitation to your today!

How to Become a Salesforce Consultant

Course content:

Our salesforce online training includes both Admin and Development sections. So you can ask your queries, trainer will answer because there will be very less people in our virtual class where students get lot of scope interaction with trainer.

Course Content:


  • Introduction to CRM
  • Introduction to Sales Cycle
  • Understanding the terminologies of CRM
  • Introduction to SFDC
  • Understanding the workflow of SFDC with a real time example

SFDC BASICS AND DEVELOPMENT Understanding the terms in SFDC

  • Introduction to SFDC Editions
  • Creating Objects, Tabs and Apps in SFDC
  • Creating layouts and applying hierarchy
  • Creating roles and profiles
  • Creating workflow rules
  • Creating Tasks and Events
  • Understanding the SFDC admin system
  • Creating relationships between the objects


  • Invoking Apex
  • Creating Apex Classes and triggers
  • Customization using Apex programming
  • Integration to third party systems using SFDC AP
  • Introduction to Visual Force
  • Creating Visual Force pages
  • Creating Packages
  • Deploying SFDC concepts
  • Using Visual Force in a real time scenario based training
  • Creating Reports and Dashboards
  • How CRM is useful in Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing etc

Salesforce CRM Training Course  Overview:

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

  • Introduction to the Cloud Computing
  • Evolution of Cloud Computing
  • Comparisons with other computing techniques fetchers
  • Key characteristics of cloud computing course
  • Advantages/Disadvantages
  • Classification of Cloud Computing

1. Based on as a service model

  1. SAAS (Software as a service)
  2. PAAS (Platform as a service)
  3. IAAS (Infrastructure as a service

2. Based on deployment or access model

  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud
  3. Hybrid Cloud

Sales force CRM Concepts

  • What is CRM?
  • How CRM can help?
  • Sales force CRM Navigation terminology
  • Compare CRM with other CRM products
  • Customization in sales force .com CRM
  • Introduction to sales force CRM Setup tool
  1. Personal Setup
  2. App Setup
  3. Admin Setup


  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Collaboration Cloud





  • Set your organization’s language & locale
  • Manage currency


  • Create custom profiles & custom fields
  • Define dependent pick list
  • Customize lookup fields
  • Customize validation & formulas
  • Customize page layouts
  • Customize standard related lists
  • Use field-level security


  • Define workflow
  • Set up workflow rules
  • Set up workflow tasks & alerts


  • Plan approvals using workflow
  • Use the approval wizard – standard vs. jump start
  • Create workflow approvals
  • Create & Manager Users
  • Set organization-wide defaults
  • Learn about record accessed
  • Create the role hierarchy
  • Learn about role transfer & mass Transfer functionality
  • Profiles, Login History


  • Importing overview
  • Learn about import solutions & Custom Object records using the data loader
  • User mass delete


  • Learn about custom objects
  • Learn about custom tabs
  • Learn about custom web tabs


  • The AppExchange
  • Install an app
  • Delete an app


  • Introduction and Tools
  • Purpose of Visualfoce
  • MVC Architecture


  • Variables and Formulas
  • Standard Controllers and Standard List Controllers
  • Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions
  • Using static resources and custom components
  • Styling VF pages
  • Overriding buttons, links and tabs with VF
  • Using JavaScript in VF Pages
  • Advanced examples


  • Introduction to Apex
  • Pupose of Apex


  • Collections
  • Loops



  • What is an sObject
  • SOQL and SOSL Queries




(So you can apply for job as a ADMINISTRATOR or DEVELOPER if you finish COURSE here, no worry WE LL MAKE CV WITH PROJECTS, MOCK INTERVIEWS)


  1. CRM Overview & SaaS
  2. Salesforce Applications (Marketing, Sales, Service) Overview
  3. Configuration Basics Overview
    1. Application Elements Overview (Tabs, App, Links, HomePage Component)
    2. Salesforce Building Blocks Overview (Objects, Page Layouts, Related List, Fields, Buttons etc)
    3. Workflow Rules Overview
  4. Personal Customization (Password Reset, Login Access, Calendar Sharing etc) class
  5. System Administration
    1. Roles
    2. Profiles
    3. User Setup
    4. Login History
    5. Queues vi.Groups
  6. Advanced System Administration (Security Controls)
    1. OWD
    2. Sharing Settings
    3. Password Policies
    4. Audit Trail
    5. Communication Templates
    6. Data Loader
    7. Mass Update/Transfer Records
    8. Storage Usage
    9. Monitoring Logs & Jobs
    10. x. Concluding Session with Q&A


  1. CRM Overview class
  2. Salesforce Architecture (SaaS, PaaS, On Demand)
  3. Salesforce Applications (Marketing, Sales, Service) Overview
  4. Advanced Configuration
    1. Application Elements (Tabs, App, Links, HomePage Component)
    2. Salesforce Building Blocks & Configuration ( Objects, Page Layouts, Related List, Fields, Buttons, Formula Fields, Relationship fields, Lookup Master Detail, Cross Object, reference Workflows and Approvals, Workflow actions: Email, Tasks, Outbound etc )
    3. Workflow Rules & Approval Processes
    4. Time Dependent Workflows
  5. Personal Customization (Password Reset, Security Token Login Access, Calendar Sharing etc)
  6. System Administration Basics
    1. User Setup
    2. Login History
    3. Queues
    4. Groups
  7. Apex Development Basics
    1. Apex Classes
    2. Apex Triggers
    3. VF Pages
  8. Concluding Session with Q&A


  1. CRM Overview
  2. Salesforce Architecture (SaaS, PaaS, On Demand)
  3. Advanced Configuration
    1. Application Elements ( Tabs, App, Links, HomePage Component )
    2. Salesforce Building Blocks & Configuration ( Objects, Page Layouts, Related List, Fields, Buttons, Formula Fields, Relationship Fields, Lookup Master Detail, Cross Object Reference, Workflows and Approvals, Workflow actions: Email, Tasks, Outbound etc )
    3. Workflow Rules & Approval Processes
    4. Time Dependent Workflows
  4. Personal Customization ( Password Reset, Security Token Login Access, Calendar Sharing etc )
  5. Apex Development Building Blocks
    1. Apex Classes
    2. VF Pages
    3. Apex Trigger
    4. SOQL
    5. SOSL
    6. Debugging
    7. System Log
  6. Apex API Programming
    1. SOQL & SOSL
    2. Batch Apex
    3. Writing Apex Classes as Web Services
    4. Email API
  7. Visual Force Programming
    1. SOQL & SOSL
    2. Standard Controller
    3. Custom Controller
    4. List Controller
    5. Controller Extensions
  8. Apex Triggers
    1. Trigger Events
    2. Design Pattern
    3. Bulk Trigger

Our online course content will regularly update, you need to contact our support team to get the latest course content.

Please fill our contact form, to get full document of Salesforce Course content (Admin + Dev) and don’t miss our live demo session to know more interesting information.

Salesforce training online

We are offering best Salesforce CRM online training in our institute with knowledgeable and experienced instructors and fully hands on course. We are a leading training institute for Salesforce CRM Administration and Development training, certification, resume preparation, interview questions, useful material, contact us to know more details about the schedule and course duration.

Salesforce Online Training in India

We give a job oriented Salesforce CRM training and certification assistance, which is equal to the knowledge 2-3 years experienced working person’s knowledge. So, if you train under the Professional Training Institute like CRS, you will gain practical knowledge, job interview questions and certification related questions. Are you interested to master skills in salesforce technology. Then ours is the suitable institute to join and master this Salesforce CRM technology.

Hands on Salesforce online training

Salesforce CRM Online Training in India: We offer Salesforce CRM Online Training for our students in India and abroad. It’s a fully real time training by our real time expert who has job experience will share his experiences also which you can’t get in a traditional classroom training. If you are searching for a best salesforce training in ameerpet, hyderabad for sales force coaching then you will the solution here.

We are in a fastest growing economy in the world with best growth rate in information technology and software services. Salesforce customer relationship management software has tremendous opportunities in USA and India, a famous analyst Gartner has released in it’s recent article that salesforce has good growth compare to other software technologies. So if you are looking for a best salesforce online training in India, then crs will be your first choice. Come and ask us how we can help you in getting salesforce certification and to become a salesforce expert.

Duration :

Admin (201) and Dev (401):

8 weeks

Admin (201)

4 weeks

Dev (401):

4 weeks


Monday to Friday, daily one hour session.

What if I miss any class?

If you miss any class, you will get that video recording, so that you don’t lose any session.

What are the Session Timings:

Regular class timings will be announced at the time of online demo session. So don’t miss our demo session to know more details.

About Trainer:

Our trainers are real time working professionals in salesforce technology as admins, developers. Our salesforce trainers are very experienced, they are having vast experience, minimum 10+ years in salesforce world. All our salesforce instructors are certified and trained many people in the past.

Our trainer’s Special Features are as follows:

  • Two Real time Projects
  • Live project use cases
  • Ample hands on
  • One to one attention
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume preparation
  • Certification preparation
  • Exposure to live environment

Our salesforce trainers are very friendly and patient in solving participants problems and queries. Our primary teaching motto is to make a student perfect in that technology which he is learning with us.

Fill our contact form to reach us, we will share more information.

You are going to get following benefits from our training:

  • Assignments and Practical activities
  • One to one service
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume preparation
  • Certification preparation
  • 2 Real time Projects
  • Live project code
  • Exposure to live environment

We are the leading Salesforce online training institute with real-time working and knowledgeable instructors. Get best Salesforce course online from certified trainers and certification assistance event. Attend cloud computing training conducted by a best computer inst which is hands-on and informative coaching. Find the Salesforce training center who can give excellent curriculum and professional education on CRM technology.

Watch Salesforce Tutorial Videos

Abhishek Singh
Senior Consultant Deloitte

Salesforce lightening is a very advanced concept, very few trainers are available in the market. I found CRS is having the best trainer to teach this topic. I got the excellent training from this institute. I would recommend this for you too.

Yasmin Sultana
Project Lead, Accenture

Learnt advanced topics like Surface Lightning Components, SLDS and entire salesforce lightening online training is the best in the market. I am very happy with the trainer and the way he take us to practical approach and real world scenarios.

Srikanth Reddy
Salesforce Developer IBM

Trainer explained me each and everything, it was like a complete overview of salesforce world. Then I immediately joined the course. I had completed my course from CRS Info Solutions. Now I am working as Developer in a very good company with excellent package. This is the best for Salesforce Online Training.

Karthik Ganeshan
Salesforce Developer Infosys

I am satisfied with the teaching style and joined the course. Training was really helped for me. Only thing is it was in the morning times 6AM batch hard for me because waking up early in the morning for class, oh my god, those days are still remember but this course is useful for me.

Swathi Rathode
Project Lead Tech Mahindra

If you are looking to learn professional tricks and real time hands on project related issues then it is the best way to join in CRS Info Solutions Salesforce Online Training, because here trainers are really good and very focused, worth for each penny. I will give 5 Stars from my side to their dedication, followup and good training.

Razia Khan
Admin Capgemini

Great Salesforce Online Training with Helpful instructor even during the class / off-the class help. Good blend of business examples / technical content in the slides. I would highly recommend CRS Info Solutions for Salesforce CRM Admin and Dev online training.

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