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Salesforce Training in India | Online Course

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Salesforce Training in India | Online Course

On August 2, 2020, Posted by , In Software Training, With Comments Off on Salesforce Training in India | Online Course

Job Oriented Salesforce Training in India | Online Course Cost [2020]

Find the Best Salesforce online training in India. This is a job oriented training from India. Find Salesforce training from real time instructors in India. Get professional Salesforce CRM Training in India.

CRS Provides Salesforce CRM administration and development courses. We also offer job placement assistance. Choose Salesforce online training from India. We have best placement assistance in Salesforce training India. Enroll for free demo class.

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Upcoming Demo Dates:

Please note the following dates are demo class or orientation only, actual batch starting details will be announced by our faculty at the time of demo class. Try to join our free orientation class by filling our contact form. We will try to arrange appropriate timings based on your flexible timings.

  • Weekend

    2 AUG, 2020 – 1 SEP, 2020

    10:00AM & 6:00AM
  • Weekend

    9 AUG, 2020 – 8 SEP, 2020

    10:00AM & 6:00AM
  • Weekend

    16 AUG, 2020 – 15 SEP, 2020

    10:00AM & 6:00AM
  • Weekend

    23 AUG, 2020 – 22 SEP, 2020

    10:00AM & 6:00AM
  • Weekend

    30 AUG, 2020 – 29 SEP, 2020

    10:00AM & 6:00AM
  • Weekend

    6 SEP, 2020 – 5 SEP, 2020

    10:00AM & 6:00AM
  • Timings not matching with your schedule?

    Fill the Contact form, we will schedule a flexible Demo as per your convenience.

    Course Content


    Introduction on Cloud Computing
    • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)
    • PAAS (Platform as a Service)
    • SAAS (Software as a Service)
    • Introduction on CRM
    • History of Salesforce
    • Introduction on Salesforce.Com
    • Understanding Salesforce environment
    • Pricing
    • App logo
    • Global search
    • User menu
    • App menu
    Tab bar
    • Recycle binSalesforce Database
    • Becoming Familiar with the Setup segments
    • Introducing Apps
    • Introducing Objects
    Introducing Tabs
    • Introducing Fields
    • Introducing Relationships
    • Lookup Relationship
    Master Detail Relationship
    • Roll-up Summary fields
    • Hierarchy Relationship
    • Self Relationship
    • Many to many Relationship
    • User Management
    • Introduction Users
    • User management process
    User license
    • Features licenseSecurity and Sharing
    • IP Address restrictions
    • Activations
    • Audit Trials
    Login hours
    • Forceful password expiry
    • Session details
    • Organization-Wide Defaults
    • Profile
    • Permission Sets
    • Sharing Rules
    • Manual Sharing
    • Field Level Permissions
    • Public Groups
    • Queues
    • Public Group Vs Queue – Comparative analysis Approvals Process
    Planning for Approval processes
    • Creating an Approval process
    • Creating Approval steps
    • Multi step Approvals
    • Final approval action
    • Final rejection action
    • Working on recalling
    • Delegate process
    • Multiple approvers Vs Single approver
    • Using Custom Workflow Processes
    Introducing Automation
    • Workflow rules
    • Update Record
    • Create Task
    • Automate Emails
    • Outbound Message
    • Time dependent workflows
    • Time triggersDeep dive into Evaluation criteria
    • Use case of evaluation criteria
    • Limitations of Workflow rules
    • Record update
    Email alert
    • Workflow Vs Process Builder
    • Benefits of Process Builder
    • Record types
    • Record types with page layout
    • Record types with multiple page layout


    Basics of programming (for those who never did any coding before)
    • Variables
    • Operators
    • ExpressionsLooping Statement
    • Controlling Statement
    • Class
    • Objects
    • Functions
    Basics of Salesforce programming
    • Architecture Apex /
    • Data Types in Salesforce
    • Collections
    • List
    • Set
    • Map
    • Debug process and methodology
    • Building logic through programming
    • APEX Class
    • Triggers in Salesforce
    • Invoking apex classes from Triggers
    • Trigger handlers
    • Trigger ScopeTrigger Types
    • Trigger Events
    • Best Practices Triggers
    • Best Practices APEX class
    Governor Limits
    • Understanding Trigger Context Variables in Salesforce
    • Trigger.New
    • Trigger.Old
    • Trigger.New Vs Trigger.Old
    • Trigger.NewMap Vs Trigger.OldMap
    • Testing in Salesforce
    • Understanding Test Classes in Salesforce
    • Building Test Classes and execution
    • Code coverage understanding
    • Annotations
    • Data Manipulation Language
    DML Statements
    • Insert statement
    • Update StatementDelete Statement
    • Getting data from recycle bin
    • MVC pattern in Salesforce
    • Introduction to Visual Force
    • Enabling VF for your Organization and Execution Creating First VF page
    • Working on UI with Visualforce Pages
    • Building Page Block Table in VF page
    • Building Form in VF page
    • Apex:PageBlockSection and apex :PageBlockSectionItem
    Input Components
    • InputText
    • InputField
    • OutputLabel
    • Controllers
    • Types of Controllers
    • Standard Controllers
    • Custom Controllers
    • Controller ExtensionRerender
    • With sharing
    • Without sharing
    • VF page with multiple extension class
    • Best Practices Visualforce
    • Bulkification
    • Exceptions
    • Query Languages
    Intro to SOQL
    • Query formation in SOQL
    • Intro to SOSL
    • Query formation in SOSL
    • DML statements in Salesforce
    • SOQL Vs SOSL
    • Aggregate functions
    • SOSL transformation
    • Relationship query
    • Query on parent to fetch child data
    • Query on child to fetch parent data
    Advance APEX
    • Batch class
    • Using Start()
    • Using Execute()
    • Using Finish()
    • Batchable interface
    • Understanding BatchableContext
    • Schedule Class
    • Schedulable interface
    • Calling batch from schedule class
    • Scheduling using CRON job

    Lightning and Bonus Topics

    Lightinig Syllabus

    Bonus Topics

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of Salesforce Training in India?

    We’ll give best discount offers in the market so talk to our representative to know our discount offers. Our Salesforce CRM Training fee in India is quite affordable. We have part payment option also. Feel free to contact us, we are there to help you. So please make a call +91-7013283324 or Fill our contact form.

    Do CRS charge any advance payment in Salesforce training Pune?

    We do not charge single penny in advance from our participants. In case if you don’t like our training service, then it will be a problem for you , that is the reason we don’t charge any advance payment from you. Join our free demo class, experience the quality. If you really trust our quality and service, then only enroll and pay for the course.

    Do CRS provide refund or Money-back Guarantee?

    We want to be transparent with our learners. As a part of that, we will offer you 100% Money-back Guarantee. In fact we don’t charge anything from you without experiencing our training quality. Personally check our quality then only enroll. If a cancellation is done by a candidate within 2 days after enrollment, then full refund of training fees will be given. Regarding this if you have any question, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you. Please Call us on +91-7013283324.

    What is the Duration for this training?

    It will take 8-10 weeks for Admin + Development modules, because we have included very important real-time project also in our training program. Real-time projects duration depends on your practice. We’ll have Q&A sessions also. You can contact our support team to know demo flexible timings.

    What will be included in live demo class?

    The following is the Agenda of our free live demo class.

    • Salesforce Course Overview
    • Current CRM market Analysis
    • About Course Curriculum
    • FAQs on Salesforce Jobs
    • Instructor Experiences
    • Q&A session and
    • New batch timings

    So, Please Don’t miss our free live interactive demo class, which will be sent to you through email (Prefer to share gmail because it’s easy to share our free material, we’ll supply free material to you). Feel free to talk to our representatives, they are ready to help you. Please Call +91-7013283324.

    Do you help with Certification?

    Yes, we will help you with Salesforce certification in India. We’ll teach you certification questions with answers that will help you to pass the exams Admin 201, development 401 and lighting etc., Our Certification material can be useful worldwide. Please join our live orientation to know about this. For more info Fill our contact form.

    Is this training helps me to get job?

    We give a real-time project oriented Salesforce CRM training with 100% practicals. So, from day 1 you will learn practically and hands-on concepts. You will gain practical knowledge that will help you to face any interviews confidently. So, are you willing to learn SFDC online training to face any tough interviews, So please join our free demo once. We are always ready to help you. Please feel free Call +91-7013283324

    What are the class timings?

    We’ll have morning and evening batch as per your convenience and flexibility in our Salesforce training India. Regular class timings will be announced at the time of online demo session. So don’t miss our demo session to know class timing details, call us on +91-7013283324 or Fill our contact form.

    Who are the instructors for this training?

    Our trainers have minimum 10+ years real-time experience and expertise in teaching Salesforce, they always put great efforts to convert complex topics into easily understandable modules. Experience the professional Salesforce training in India and certification program with hands on approach and elevate your skills in Salesforce Administration and Development modules from expert trainers.

    What if I miss any class?

    If you miss any class, you will get that class video recording, so that you don’t lose any class in our training. You can watch our video library anytime and practice. Our trainer will help you in solving your queries while practicing while email communication. Get the best salesforce training in India from CRS info solutions.

    Do you provide training for Admin and Dev?

    Yes, we are providing the fully practicals based Salesforce Administration (code: 201) and Development (code: 401) training in India in this course which are starting step to enter into Salesforce CRM. If you want to become a Salesforce professional then you need to start with Administration and development. Please feel free to Call us on +91-7013283324 or Fill our contact form.

    What are the topics covered in this training?

    We cover wide range of important concepts of Salesforce Administration, Development, chatter, sandbox and lightning essentials are covered in the Salesforce training. Few of the important topics include:

    • CRM concepts
    • Salesforce CRM administration
    • Workflow Process
    • Salesforce Deployment
    • Migration Strategies
    • Connection between setup and environment
    • Inbound and Outbound change set up
    • Packaged Deployment
    • Apex
    • Visualforce
    • Lightning Essentials

    Get professional salesforce training and certification assistance in India. Feel free to get our assistance, we are there to help you. Please Call +91-7013283324

    What can I learn through this course?

    You will learn Salesforce concepts from basics to advanced using which you can create your own applications in sfdc platform. Our practical training helps you to manage Salesforce consultant duties in a company. Our intent is to make you a job ready person with this training. To join the free demo Please Fill our contact form.

    I do not have any programming knowledge. Can I learn this training?

    For sure anybody without any programming knowledge can learn Salesforce Administration and development. In fact most of our learners are from non technical or just graduation completed individuals only. So take the advantage of our real time salesforce training in India. Our course advantage is anybody can learn without having any coding experience, we’ll teach from basics, that’s our guarantee. There are Students from MBA, HR, sales, marketing who are fully non coding background.

    Why should I prefer Salesforce training?

    Salesforce is no. 1 in CRM segment and it’s a fortune 500 software company with best employee benefits. Google, Apple, Facebook all these companies are customers to Salesforce. So, you can imagine how strongly established company Salesforce is. It’s going to create million jobs in coming times.

    Is Salesforce training from India expensive?

    Our Salesforce training fee in India at our institute is quite affordable. You can pay in parts also and you can retrieve it once you get a job, so it will be valuable investment in your career. There is 100% worth and ROI in Salesforce CRM. Talk to our representative, they will help you. Please Call us on +91-7013283324 to know more.

    Is it necessary to be from technical background?

    No need to be from technical or software background in order to become a Salesforce consultant. Many of the students in our training are from non-IT background, marketing, graduates, MBA etc., So these are the live example that anybody can learn and become Salesforce consultant.

    Is this course suitable for working professionals?

    Our course is designed to suitable for working professionals. If you are a working professional and willing to learn Salesforce then it is the best program designed for you. We designed our curriculum and program in such a way which is suitable for working professionals. In fact we have so many working professionals in our training program. Please Feel free to make a call to us. We are here to help you.

    Is it suitable for those who give some gap?

    If you gave some gap after marriage or some other issues, then Salesforce is the best course for you. We have such students with lot of gap in job life and happily started again their career with our Salesforce training in India. Do not hesitate to talk to us, we are here to guide you. Our representatives will guide you and help you all the way. Please Feel free to make a call to us. We are here to help you, please contact us on +91-7013283324.

    I have few years gap due to personal reasons..?

    I have few years gap due to personal reasons, is Salesforce training helps me to start my career again?

    Yes, of course, you can restart your career undoubtedly with Salesforce training, this will surely gives you a better career opportunities. There are so many people in our training program from different countries, who has lot of gap. So if you have any such doubts, please feel free to contact us. We will help you.

    What other features offering in this training?

    The following features you will get in our training program:

    • 2-3 Real time Projects
    • Live project use cases
    • Ample hands on
    • One to one attention
    • Interview preparation
    • Resume preparation
    • Certification preparation
    • Exposure to live environment
    • Feel free to talk to us, we are always ready to help you. Please Call us on +91-7013283324 for hands-on salesforce course from India.
    Why CRS is best place for SFDC training in India?

    Our training is a 100% real time training program in India by profound instructors who has real experience will give you more practical knowledge rather than academic, so CRS Info Solutions is the best institute for practical based Salesforce online training. Experience our quality, attend to our free live demo class. Call now on +91-7013283324 or Fill our contact form.

    Which country aspirants are taking up this course?

    We provide Salesforce CRM job oriented Online Training in India for aspirants from various parts of the world. We have students from almost all countries. Salesforce is a global company, so you can learn and work from any part of the globe. Whatever the small doubt you have, please feel free to make a call, we are always there to help you. Call +91-7013283324.

    What is the cost of Salesforce training in India?

    Salesforce CRM Training fee price in India is affordable as per module. Salesforce modules are Administration, Development, App Builder, Lighting Essentials, Sandbox. The best place for software courses in affordable price and job assistance for aspirants, so utilize this opportunity and become a salesforce consultant with good annual salary in India. Get the best discount by joining our free demo session.

    About our instructor:

    About our trainer SF training India

    • Our trainer is Real-time Working professional as a Salesforce Consultant.
    • He has over 10 years industry experience in India
    • Trained more than 3500 students on salesforce crm.
    • Teaching corporate and training.
    • 4X Certified in crm
    • Expert in giving practical assignments along with training
    • Expert at giving real time examples and practical scenarios
    • Helpful in assisting Classroom to solve problems
    • Possess positive attitude and ability to meet customer requirements
    • Helps in Job Support, Resume Preparation and Interview Questions.

    Who can attend?

    Who can attend salesforce training India

    This salesforce certification training is suitable for all professionals who are passionate about CRM and cloud computing. But typical profiles, but not limited to, who go for this training are:

    If you are not from software background then also you can learn SF course, contact us we’ll give you free counseling.

    Salesforce course information SF training india

    Please Register today! to get demo Invitation.

    Students Testimonials

    user icon
    Abhishek Singh
    Senior Consultant Deloitte

    I have enrolled for Salesforce Admin and development online course at CRS info solutions. It's really the best training i have ever taken and syllabus is highly professional and included practical concepts very well. I found CRS is having the best trainer to teach these topics from fundamentals. I got the excellent training from this institute and I would highly recommend this for you.

    user icon
    Yasmin Sultana
    Project Lead, Accenture

    Trainer is highly experienced and teaching style is so nice, we can easily get into subject with his simple way of explanation. I have Learnt admin, dev, sandbox, migration, lighting essentials and entire salesforce crm online training is the best in the market. I am very happy with the trainer and the way he take us to practical approach and real world scenarios and I'll give 5 out of 5.

    user icon
    Srikanth Reddy
    Salesforce Developer IBM

    Trainer explained me each and everything, it was like a complete overview of salesforce world. Then I immediately joined the course. I had completed my course from CRS Info Solutions. Now I am working as Developer in a very good company with excellent package. This is the best for Salesforce Online Training.

    user icon
    Karthik Ganeshan
    Salesforce Developer Infosys

    I am satisfied with the teaching style and joined the course. Training was really helped for me. Only thing is it was in the morning times 6AM batch hard for me because waking up early in the morning for class, oh my god, those days are still remember but this course is useful for me.

    user icon
    Swathi Rathode
    Project Lead Tech Mahindra

    If you are looking to learn professional tricks and real time hands on project related issues then it is the best way to join in CRS Info Solutions Salesforce Online Training, because here trainers are really good and very focused, worth for each penny. I will give 5 Stars from my side to their dedication, followup and good training.

    user icon
    Razia Khan
    Admin Capgemini

    Great Salesforce Online Training with Helpful instructor even during the class / off-the class help. Good blend of business examples / technical content in the slides. I would highly recommend CRS Info Solutions for Salesforce CRM Admin and Dev online training.

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    Salesforce certification training FaridabadSF crm training GhaziabadSFDC training goa
    Salesforce crm training GunturSFDC training GuwahatiSalesforce crm training Gwalior
    SFDC certification training IndoreSalesforce crm training JalandharSFDC training Kanpur
    SF certification training KochiSalesforce crm training LucknowSFDC training Ludhiana
    SF certification training MaduraiSalesforce crm training MangaloreSFDC training Meerut
    SF certification training MysoreSalesforce crm training NagpurSFDC training Vadodara
    SFDC certification training PatnaSalesforce crm training SiliguriSFDC training Udaipur

    Students learning our salesforce certification program from Allahabad, Bhubaneswar, Ghaziabad, Guntur, Indore, Kochi, Meerut, Mangalore, Mysore, Nagpur, Siliguri, Vadodara locations with daily assignments and project works.

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