Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification Guide

Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification Guide

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Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification Guide
Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification Guide

Table of Contents

what is Sharing and Visibility in salesforce

In Salesforce, Sharing and Visibility refer to the mechanisms that govern access to data within the platform. Sharing controls dictate who can view, edit, or delete specific records based on their roles, profiles, and permissions. Salesforce employs a layered security model where access is granted through the organization-wide defaults, role hierarchy, sharing rules, manual sharing, and criteria-based sharing. This ensures that users only have access to the data they need to perform their job functions, maintaining data integrity and security. Visibility settings in Salesforce also extend to reports, dashboards, and other data visualization tools, ensuring that insights are shared appropriately across the organization.

The “Architect Journey: Sharing and Visibility” certification is aimed at architects and advanced administrators experienced in developing scalable and complex security and sharing models on the Salesforce platform. The examination will evaluate knowledge on data and object security, including Profile, Permission Sets, and Apex Sharing.

This guide will highlight essential topics and provide strategies for studying and taking the exam. Additionally, it’s recommended to review the Trailhead exam guide to prepare for both single-choice and scenario-based questions.

Who is the Ideal Candidate Profile?

The certification is tailored for aspiring architects seeking to demonstrate their expertise in permissions and access management within the Salesforce platform.

The Sharing and Visibility certification is a critical component of the technical architect certification pathway and has recently become a prerequisite for the B2B Solution Architect certification. Its popularity among seasoned Salesforce professionals is due to its relevance in the field.

Main Topics

Salesforce exams cover various topics with different weightings. The Sharing and Visibility Architect certification is considered relatively straightforward, with three primary categories.

While there may not be as many categories as in other Salesforce certifications (like the Sales Cloud Consultant), it’s crucial to focus on the details, particularly in creating scalable and organized sharing models for Salesforce orgs of varying complexity.

  1. Declarative Sharing (76%) This segment holds the most weight and will evaluate your knowledge on Org Wide Defaults, CRUD permissions, Permission Sets, Sharing Rules, and Manual Sharing – essential aspects of security and access that an advanced admin should master in Salesforce.

Expect a combination of scenario-based and technical questions. Your comprehension of Salesforce functionality and business requirements will be tested, along with your ability to translate them into a Salesforce solution.

  1. Programmatic Sharing (17%) In certain situations, declarative sharing might not suffice or could be cumbersome to maintain. This is where the use of Apex for managing sharing becomes relevant.

To excel in this section, you should understand when to use Apex and how to enforce object and field level permissions. You’ll also need to be aware of how to reduce data security risks when utilizing Visualforce Pages, Lightning Web Components, and other programmatic customizations.

  1. Performance and Scalability (7%) This section assesses your capability to design and implement a security model that can scale and be built upon, even in complex Salesforce orgs. You should be familiar with all declarative and programmatic methods to handle various access requests and be able to implement them effectively.

Exam Preparation Planning

To ensure you’re well-prepared for the exam, we’ve compiled some tips based on years of experience to increase your chances of success.

Firstly, if there are any topics you’re struggling with, create a cheat sheet and review it before the exam to keep the information fresh in your mind. Alternatively, jot down key points in a way that suits your learning style.

During the exam, read each question carefully multiple times. For scenario-based questions, the answer choices can provide significant hints. If you’re taking the exam at a test center, use the provided pen and paper to sketch diagrams like data schemas or role hierarchies to help visualize the answers. Note that this is not permitted during online proctored exams.

When selecting an answer, use the process of elimination to discard clearly wrong options. Salesforce often includes answers that combine different features or are simply incorrect. They may also present options that seem right but are not best practices. Focus on standard Salesforce features that achieve the desired outcome. For instance, you might create a custom approval process with Process Builder, but why do that when a standard feature exists?

The “Mark for review” checkbox below each question is a valuable tool. Use it if you’re unsure of an answer or need more time to think.

At the end of the exam, you’ll have the opportunity to review marked questions and all other answers, giving you a good indication of your performance. If time allows, review every question, as this can help you catch mistakes or answer questions you previously skipped.

If you don’t pass on your first attempt, note the topics you found challenging to focus your further study. It’s advisable to schedule a retake soon to maintain momentum and avoid forgetting less familiar features. For all Salesforce exams, the retake fee for the Sharing and Visibility Architect exam is half the original price, and you can attempt it up to three times per release. However, policies may change, so be sure to check the retake policy.

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