Apex Invoking – Salesforce

Apex Invoking – Salesforce

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Invoking in Salesforce Apex
Invoking in Salesforce Apex

Apex invoking means executing the Apex code. Apex class execution takes place through one of the ways listed below.

  • The anonymous block and triggers
  • An event that fires a trigger
  • An asynchronous Apex
  • A scheduler or batch job that runs Apex classes at specified intervals
  • Web Services class
  • Email Service class in Apex
  • You can expose your Apex methods via SOAP and REST Web services with Apex Web Services
  • Visualforce Controllers
  • Apex Email Service is used to process inbound emails
  • The JavaScript Method of Invoking Apex
  • The Ajax toolkit to invoke Web service methods implemented in Apex

Below is the example of a lightning component invoking apex class.

Aura Component.

21_1 Apex Invoking

Apex Controller

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