Salesforce Apex Tutorial Chapter 13: Apex Methods

Salesforce Apex Tutorial Chapter 13: Apex Methods

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Defining a method requires the following:

Access Modifier: We can use the modifiers such as protected, public, private for the method if it is required.

Data Type: It is important to specify the data type of the values returned by the method. The “Void” data type can be used if the method returns no value.

Input Parameters: Parameters are optional with methods. If the method does not have any parameter then we use a set of empty parentheses. A method can have a maximum of 32 input parameters. An input parameter list, separated by commas and followed by the type of input.

Body of Method: Method body enclosed in braces {}. All the method code is written here, including local variable declarations.


[public | private | protected | global] [override] [static] data_type method_name 
(input parameters) 
// The body of the method


*public access modifier
*void return type
*name parameter
Public static void updateContact(string name){   
//method body
List<Contact> conList = [Select Id,FirstName,LastName from Contact Where LastName =: name];
List<contact> listToUpdate = new List<Contact>();
for(contact con:conList){
con.Title = 'Manager';

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