Salesforce Admin Tutorial Chapter – 9

Salesforce Admin Tutorial Chapter – 9

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Record Types

With the page layout assignment in the previous section, we were able to assign a particular page layout to a profile. Record types allow us to take this process a step further and assign more than one layout to a profile.

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Let’s see how this works with an example. 

To start creating types, go to the Record Types pane on the Employee object page and click the New button. 

It provides input fields to enter the Record Type Label (Teaching_Employee Record Type), Record Type Name (Teaching_Employee_Record_Type), and other necessary information. You should also check the Active option to activate the Record Type in the application. 

Then, when you scroll down, you can choose the profiles that this new record type should be available to. In this example, we make it available to only the System Administrator profile. 

On the next page, you get to assign the page layout that should be available for selected profiles under this record type. For this, first select the “Apply a different layout for each profile” option and change the System Administrator’s layout to Teaching Employee. You can save the new record type after this step.

Following a similar process, let’s create another record type called Non Teaching Employee Record Type. Make it available to System Administrator as before. But this time the layout assigned to this profile must be Non Teaching Employee. 

After these two new record types are created, select the Page Layout Assignment option on the Record Types page to complete the final steps. Here, select Edit Assignment and check if the layout assigned to a profile’s each record type meets your preference. If not, you can change the layouts using the dropdown at the top of the page. 

Now, if you go to the application and try to create a new Employee record, you’ll first be prompted to choose the required record type between teaching and non teaching types. 

After the selection is made, Salesforce offers you the layout assigned to that type to continue with the record creation.

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