Salesforce Admin Tutorial Chapter – 17

Salesforce Admin Tutorial Chapter – 17

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Relationship Fields (Lookup)

Lookup relationship is one of the simplest relationships you can create between Salesforce objects. It’s a parent-child relationship but with relatively fewer restrictions.

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Account and Contact objects are an example of a lookup relationship between standard Salesforce objects.

Some prominent characteristics of the lookup relationship include:

  • A parent is not necessary to create a child record. 
  • It’s possible for parent and child to have different owners. 
  • Deleting the parent doesn’t delete the child records.
  • Roll up summary is not allowed.

Our application currently has two objects, Employees and Address Books. We want to create a list of addresses for each employee. To achieve this you can create a lookup relationship between these two objects with Employees as the parent and Address Books as the child.

You can start creating this relationship by going to Address Books and choosing the New option in Fields and Relationships pane. Then, select Lookup Relationship as the data type.

The next page prompts you to pick the related parent object, which is Employees. After that, you can complete the process.

Now, if you create a new Employee record, you’ll see the Address Book field added to its information.

To give a list of Address Books to this employee, go to the Related tab on the same page and select New. It prompts you to create a new Address Book record.

Alternatively, if you want to relate an existing Address Book record to this employee, you should go to the Address Books table. Open the relevant address and update its Employee field to link it to the previously created employee.

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