Salesforce Admin Tutorial Chapter – 16

Salesforce Admin Tutorial Chapter – 16

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Approval Process

Approval processes are used to automatically approve a record for an org. They are defined using a sequence of steps and perform an approve, reject, or recall action on each record. Salesforce also supports the ability to approve records through email.

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To start with configuring an approval process, search for Approval Processes on the Quick Find box. 

There, you can select the object for which you’re setting up this process. 

In this example, we’re going to set up an approval process for the Rating field in the Account object. We want it to seek approval whenever the rating of the record is set to Cold. 

Before the process configuration, we want to introduce a new field to the Account object to display the approval status of the record. For this, we create a new Picklist field named “ApprovalDone?” and use values Pending, Yes, and No as statuses. 

Now, we can configure an approval process for the Rating field. 

Here, pick Account as the object and go to Create New Approval Process -> Use Jump Start Wizard. 

Enter the process name and enable Add the Submit for Approval button. You can also pick an Approval Assignment Email Template if it’s needed.

Then, you should specify the criteria for triggering the approval process. It should be set to

Account: Rating equals Cold

Next, select the authorized approver. 

Then, you can save the approval process. This takes you to the process details page. Here, you should add an Initial Submission Action to set the ApprovalDone? to Pending for records with Cold Rating. 

Click on Add New and select Field Update to set up this mechanism. 

Here, you can give this a name and pick the field that should be updated. Choose a specific value (Pending) as its value next. 

We also want to add a Final Approval Action to this process for approved status. For this, click on Add New in the section and select Field Update. 

Here, you can again select ApprovalDone? as the field to update and select Yes as the picklist value option. 

Similarly, you need to add another Final Rejection Action for rejected status with the picklist value set to No. 

Finally, now you can activate the approval process. 

You can test this process’s behavior by creating a new Account record with a Cold Rating.

Watch the full video here.

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