Salesforce Classic Email Templates

Salesforce Classic Email Templates

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Classic Email Templates

Classic email templates allow users to design the content and structure of the email messages sent to third parties through Salesforce. They are also referred to as “Communication Templates” due to this reason.

These templates primarily have two content types, static and dynamic, and two template types, standard and custom. Custom templates come with further variety in types that include text, HTML with letterhead, custom without letterhead, and Visualforce.

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You can find the templates in your org by searching for Classic Email Templates. Currently, it contains a bunch of standard text templates provided by Salesforce for common use cases. 

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For example, the following image shows the structure of the New Customer Email template. You can customize it according to your needs if you prefer.

This email uses several dynamic content fields, such as the contact’s first name, account name, and user’s name. 

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You can send a test email to preview the email content to see how the dynamic fields are populated. 

If you want to create a custom email template, click on the New Template button that prompts you to select the template type (text, HTML, custom, or Visualforce). 

You can fill in the required information for creating a new text template as the following example shows.

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You can add any merge fields as necessary to this template to generate dynamic content. 

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If you want to create a custom HTML template, you have to create a letterhead in your org first. 

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To achieve this, search for Classic Letterheads and create a new letterhead with properties such as a logo. 

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Then, you can add the template’s content in HTML format with the newly created letterhead. 

For a custom template with a letterhead, you can add HTML content for the body as before. 

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But this template doesn’t use the letterhead as the previous one.

Finally, the information for creating a Visualforce template can be filled in as below. 

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