Salesforce Admin Tutorial Chapter – 11

Salesforce Admin Tutorial Chapter – 11

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Permission Sets

Permission sets are used in Salesforce to improvise additional permissions on top of existing profiles. You can use them to override permissions defined at the profile level. For example, they can enable a user or multiple users to access an object or a field that is inaccessible according to their assigned profiles.

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Let’s take an example where we want to give create and read access to an object for the time being to a certain set of users. We can use a permission set for this task instead of modifying the profile itself. 

To start with this process, search for Permission Sets and select the “New” option shown there. 

Here, give the permission set a name and select the required license and save it. It leads you to a page where you can change the settings to reflect the permissions you wish to give to the users. 

Now, you can change the permission given to the user for accessing objects through Object Settings listed under Apps in the details page. 

In this example, we’ll give Read and Create access to Contact object through the permission set. 

Next, click the “Manage Assignment” button to start assigning this permission set to relevant users. 

Choose “Add Assignments” and select the users you want to add to the permission set on this page. 

Alternatively, you can go to the Users pane on Salesforce, select the user, and add/remove the permission sets assigned to them through its display. 

You can test its behavior by logging in as a relevant user on Salesforce.

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