155 salesforce interview questions

155 salesforce interview questions

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What you understand by dashboard in salesforce?

The method of representing data in visual attractive format can be termed as salesforce dashboard. When you use salesforce dashboard, collection of 20 reports can be visible.

What do you mean by lookup relationship?

In real life, you might have seen bridges. The main function of the bridge is to connect from one end to another. Similar case happens with salesforce, here when two objects are linked to each other via medium, then it is known as lookup relationship

What are some of the actions in workflow?

Actions in salesforce are divided into four categories and these are known as outbound message, email alert, task and field update.

What do you understand by minipage in salesforce?

Minipage layout acts as the substitute for the page layout that is already present in salesforce. When there is a presence of mini page layout you will get to see field access settings, profile association and record type.

How do you do inline editing in salesforce?

In order to do inline editing, you have go to the detail page and skip clicking the edit button. Now particular field can be edited.

What do you understand by enhanced list view?

A method by which records can be modified can be termed as enhanced list view. Make sure that when you are in the process of modification, all the multiple records should belong from the same record type.

What do you mean by sales and support process?

To create opportunity object we need pick values for stage field. This process can be termed as the sales process. Now to control these values, we need to create record type for the opportunity object. This method is called support process.

What do you understand by lead process?

Till now, you must have known that object is the collection of fields. So in lead object, values needs to be decided by statuary fields. This process called lead process. Once the lead process is activated, you will be allowed to create record for the lead object.

Tell me what you know about S0Sl and SOQL?

In order to understand these two terms, we need to first understanding their meaning and then need interpret their difference. SOQL gets defined as salesforce object query.

When SOQL is used, the salesforce professional has the facility to search only one object at a particular interval of time. SOQL can be passed down to both triggers and class and will provide you the facility to return records.

What do you understand by public group?

When you want to add random ownership to an object, then that group can be termed as public group.

What is escalation salesforce Admin?

For solving customer problems, there are times when you need provide a quick solution of the case. When as a salesforce profession you cannot provide the solution, the issue is escalated to the expert and gets solved very quickly.

What is Apex transaction in Admin Salesforce? What does that mean in salesforce?

When a salesforce professional tries executing several activities at particular time then it can be termed as Apex transaction. All sorts of DML operations contained in a certain number of transactions are either complete successfully

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