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Top 225+ Salesforce Admin Interview Questions in 2021

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There are a lot of things that a Salesforce Admin should know, I will give you a list of Top 225+ Salesforce Admin 201 interview questions that i faced during several interviews, if you are a aspiring Salesforce CRM Consultant then you can start from here, if you have been for a while in this field then it might be repetition for you, but you will get a lot of things from here. I will try to start from very basic interview questions and cover advance ones later, So let’s get started.

This guide contains all of the Top 225+ important and scenario based Salesforce interview questions you should expect when interviewing for a position as a Salesforce CRM Admin. At CRS Info Solutions, we teach Salesforce certification course through our self-learning, live mentor-supported Salesforce workshops. They’re a great way to learn Salesforce and get expert guidance on how to get a Salesforce job.

  • 1. What is profile?
  • 2. What we can control using profile?
  • 3. How many profiles we can assign to a single user?
  • 4. Profiles are created based on_____?
  • 5. How many types of profiles are there?
  • 6. How to create a custom profile?
  • 7. Can we deploy profiles from sandbox to production?
  • 8. Can we delete standard Profiles?
  • 9. Can we delete custom profiles?
  • 10. Which user can create a new Profile?
  • 1. How to create a user?
  • 2. What are the required fields which we have to assign while creating the user?
  • 3. How many standard user licenses are assigned to the user?
  • 4. How to lock the user from logging into his account?
  • 5. What is the difference between Freeze and deactivate?
  • 6.How to delete the user?
  • 7. What are IP Address restrictions and in how many ways we do it?
  • 8. What is business hours restriction and how many ways we restrict using this?
  • 9. How admin can resolve the login issues related to user?
  • 10. What is view Setup Audit trail?
  • 11. If user has selected different time zone from organization time zone now which time zone will be considered?
  • 12. Can we deploy the users from sandbox to production?
  • 1. What is data loader?
  • 2. On Which standard objects we can perform operations using Data loader?
  • 3. On how many records we can work using dataloader?
  • 4. What are the operations we can perform using dataloader?
  • 5. If we want to login to data loader without security Token?
  • 6. Which time zone will be used in data loader?
  • 7. Insert null values in data loader?
  • 8. How to enable European date format in data loader?
  • 9. How to run data loader from command prompt?
  • 10. What is external id in the upsert operation?
  • 11. If we give the duplicate external id what will happen?
  • 12. What is difference between export and export all?
  • 13. What is advantage of data import wizard?
  • 14. Is data loader is non-atomic?
  • 15. What is the default size of the data loader?
  • 16. What is process config file?
  • 17. What is data config file?
Reports and Dashboards
  • 1. What is report?
  • 2. How many types of reports are there?
  • 3. Where do you save the reports?
  • 4. What is Tabular report?
  • 5. When do you use tabular report?
  • 6. What is summary report?
  • 7. When do we use summary report?
  • 8. What is Matrix report?
  • 9. When do we use matrix report?
  • 10.What are Joined reports?
  • 11. What is report Types?
  • 12. On which objects standard Report Types are used?
  • 13. What is conditional highlighting?
  • 14. What is bucketing field?
  • 15. What is the difference between running user and viewing user?
  • 16. How can we export the report?
  • 17. In which format reports are exported?
  • 18. How many records can be exported?
  • 19. What are dashboards?
  • 20. What are different types of dashboards components are there?
  • 21. What is the use of metric?
  • 22. What is the use of gauge?
  • 23. What is the use of tabular?
  • 24. What is Dynamic dashboard?
  • 25. What are the custom reports you have created?
  • 26. How many components can be added to the dashboard?
  • 27. How to deploy dashboard to production?
  • 1) What is sandbox?
  • 2) What are different types of sandboxes?
  • 3) With which sandboxes you have worked?
  • 4) What is developer sandbox?
  • 5) What is developer pro sandbox?
  • 6) What is partial copy sandbox?
  • 7) What is full copy sandbox?
  • 8) In which sandbox we will have same copy of production?
  • 9) In which sandbox we will have same records ID like production?
  • 10) For which edition we will have sandboxes?
  • 11) Tell us some issues that you have faced on sandboxes?
  • 1. What is deployment?
  • 2. What is data migration?
  • 3. In how many ways we can deploy the code from sandbox to production?
  • 4. What is the outbound change set?
  • 5. What is the inbound change set?
  • 6. What is the advantage of deploying the code using change set?
  • 7. What is the disadvantage of deploying code using change set?
  • 8-. How to deploy the code using eclipse into production?
  • 9. What is the advantage of deploying code using eclipse?
  • IO. What is the disadvantage of deploying code using eclipse?
  • 11. What is repository?
  • 12. Is your organization maintaining the repository of the code?
  • 13. Which tool is used to maintain the repository?
  • 14. Can we deploy the code using ant?
  • 15. What is the advantage of deploying using ant?
  • 16. What is the disadvantage of deploying using ant?
  • 17. Can we deploy users from sandbox to production?
  • 18. Can we deploy the profiles from sandbox to production?
  • 19. Can we deploy the workflows and Approval process from sandbox to production?
  • 20. While deploying the dashboards what are the basic precautions we should take?
  • 21. What is the test code coverage that is needed to deploy class?
  • 22. If there are four classes in the sandbox and first three classes have 100% code coverage and fourth class 0% code Coverage. Will the deployment will be success or fail?
  • 23. What is the minimum test coverage required for trigger?
  • 24. How many deployments you have done as of now?
Permission Set
  • 1) What is permission set?
  • 2) Permission sets are created based on?
  • 3) Which permissions we can assign using permission set?
  • 4) How to assign permission set to a user?
  • 5) Can we deploy permission set from sandbox to production?
  • 1. What is object?
  • 2. What are different types of objects in salesforce?
  • 3. Can we delete the standard objects?
  • 4. In how many ways we can create an object?
  • 5. Object falls under which part of MVC?
  • 6. What are optional features?
  • 7. What are one time object creation options?
  • 8. What is the use of Allow reports option ?
  • 9. What is the use of Allow Activities option?
  • 10. What is the use of track field history?
  • 11. Can we deploy the object from Sandbox to production using changeset?
  • 12. CRUD permissions on object are controller by?
  • 13. Can we assign CRUD permissions on object by using Permission set?
  • 14. How many objects we can create in the salesforce?
  • 1. What is a Tab?
  • 2. How many types of tabs are there?
  • 3. What is custom object Tab?
  • 4. What is Visualforce page Tab?
  • 5. What is Web Tab?
  • 6. What is lightning Component tab?
  • 7. What is default on?
  • 8. What is default off?
  • 9. What is tab hidden?
  • 10. Visibility of the tabs is controlled by?
  • 11. Can we deploy the tab from sandbox to production?
  • 12. Which permissions are by default enabled when we add tab to an application?
  • 13. Same tab can be used in how many application?
  • 14. What is default landing tab?
  • 15. How to see the tabs which are not in the TabPanel?
  • 1. How many types of fields are there in salesforce?
  • 2. What are system fields?
  • 3. What type of operations we can perform on the system fields?
  • 4. What is the use of ID field?
  • 5. What is the difference between 15 characters ID and 18 Character ID?
  • 6. What does the first three characters in the ID indicate?
  • 7. What does the last four characters in the ID indicate?
  • 8. What are System Audit Fields?
  • 9. What is the difference between Systemmodstamp and Last Modified Date
  • 10. What are Standard Fields?
  • 11. What is the difference between created by and owner?
  • 12. What are the different data types that are accepted by name field?
  • 13. Can we change the data type from Text to Auto Number for the Name when we already have
Custom Fields
  • 1. What are Text Encrypted fields?
  • 2. What is the length of the Text Encrypted Fields?
  • 3.Can we use text encrypted fields in the filter conditions and formulas?
  • 4. Can we write Validation rules on text encrypted fields?
  • 5. Can we search data based on the text encrypted fields?
  • 6. Can we show the text encrypted fields in the search result?
  • 7. Can we show the text encrypted fields in the report result?
  • 8. By default who can see the text encrypted field data in the original format?
  • 9. What is view encrypted data permission?
  • 10. Do we need the permission to modify the encrypted fields?
  • 11. Can we deploy the text encrypted fields from sandbox to production?
  • 1. What are relations in the salesforce?
  • 2. What is different types of relations in the salesforce?
  • 3. What is Master Detail Relation?
  • 4. How many Master_Detail fields can be created on the object?
  • 5. If we delete the parent record what will happen to child records?
  • 6. Who is the owner of the child records in the master-detail relation?
  • 7. Can a child record be a master to some other object?
  • 8. Can we create a Master-Detail relation on the standard object?
  • 9. What is the Security sharing on the master-detail relation?
  • 10. The child records which are deleted will they go to the recylebin?
  • 11. What is lookup relations?
  • 12. How many lookup relations can be created on a object ?
  • 13. If we delete the parent record what will happen to the child records?
  • 14. Can we create the Lookup relation on the standard object?
  • 15. What is junction object?
  • 16. What is primary master?
  • 17. What is secondary master?
  • 18. What is the importance of primary master?
  • 19. Who is the owner for the junction object record?
  • 20. If the junction object contains 200 records related to a parent can we delete a corresponding parent?
  • 21. Can a junction object be a parent object to some other object?
  • 22. What external relationship introduced in the spring 15 version?
  • 23. Relations and fields fall under which part of MVC ?
  • 24. What are rollup summary fields ?
  • 25. How many rollup summary fields can be created on the object?
Page Layouts
    • 1. What is page layout ?
    • 2. How many page layouts can be assigned to a profile on a object?
    • 3. What we can control using page Layout ?
    • 4. How to add custom button on the Page Layout?
    • 5. How to add custom button related list in the page Layout?
    • 6. Find out what type of access is provided on the field when we have following combination

Field Level Security Page layout Output?

Visible Read Required Visible Read Required
1. Ok No No No No No :
2. Ok No No Ok No No :
3. Ok No No Ok Ok No :
4. Ok No No No No No :


Record Type
  • 1. What is record type?
  • 2. How to create a record type?
  • 3. How to control the options in the pick list field?
  • 4. How to control the sales process?
  • 5. How to control the lead process?
  • 6. How to control the case process?
  • 7. What is minipage Layout?
  • 8. What is the use of minipage layout?
Scenario Based Questions
  • 1. If we want to display the data from parent record data in the child record how to achieve it?
  • 2. If we are on the detail page of the child record if we want to modify the parent record data how to achieve it?
  • 3. If we are on the detail page of the Parent record how can edit data of child records?
  • 4. How to use child record data in the parent in master-detail field?
  • 5. Which field can be controlling field in the Field Dependency?
  • 6. Which field can dependent fields?
  • 7. How many options can be there in the controlling?
Workflows & Approvals
  • 1. What is Automated Process?
  • 2. What is workflow?
  • 3. What are difference evolution criteria?
  • 4. What is difference between Created and Every time edited and Created and any time edited to meet the Evaluation criteria?
  • 5. In how many ways we create the workflow rules?
  • 6. On which fields we can create a criteria based workflow conditions?
  • 7. Give me one scenario where you can create formula based workflow conditions?
  • 8. What are time dependent workflow actions?
  • 9. On which evaluation criteria we cannot create time based workflow rules?
  • 10. What are field update actions?
  • 11. Which fields of the object we can update using field update actions?
  • 12. On which objects we can create task?
  • 13. What are outbound messages?
  • 14. What are remote site settings?
  • 15. How to test time based workflow rules?
  • 16. How many workflow rules we can create on a object?
  • 17. What is approval process?
  • 18. What is parallel approval process?
  • 19. What is unanimous approval process?
  • 20. What is first response approval process?
  • 21. When we have more than one step in approval process and if the record is rejected in the last step what will happen?
  • 22. How to test approval process?
  • 23. What is the difference between whold and whatID?
OWD & Sharing Rules
  • 1. What are OWD's
  • 2. What are different types of OWD's we have?
  • 3. What is the difference between Private Public Read Public Read Write?
  • 4. What is Public Read Write Transfer?
  • 5. On which Object we can assign Public Read/Write|Transfer?
  • 6. What is public Full Access?
  • 7. On which object we can grant Public Full Access?
  • 8. What is controlled by Parent?
  • 9. What is the use of Grant Access using Role Hierarchy?
  • 10. What are sharing rules?
  • 11. How many types of sharing rules are there?
  • 12. What is owner based sharing rule?
  • 13. What are Criteria based sharing rule?
  • 14. What are manual sharing rules?
  • 15. What are Apex Sharing rules?
  • 16. What is View All permission in Profile on the object?
  • 17. What are modifying all permission in profile?
  • 18. Which will dominate the access on the record (profile or OWD)

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