Here is why you want to become a Certified Salesforce Administrator.

Here is why you want to become a Certified Salesforce Administrator.

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Salesforce offers endless professional opportunities and spectacular career growth for people with different academic and professional backgrounds. Salesforce Admin is one of the most popular positions in Salesforce as it allows you to enter a lucrative Salesforce job market even for those who have little-to-no experience and knowledge in coding and software development.

Right after finishing your Salesforce course, you will discover that Salesforce jobs are available in every industry and market segment as all sorts of businesses and organizations desire to adopt Salesforce CRM solutions and seek professionals able to provide them.

And here comes the big question: should you invest even more time, money, and effort into Salesforce Admin Certification, or is it just another line in your resume – beneficial, but not mandatory?

In this article, we shall explain the perks and benefits of becoming a Certified Salesforce Admin as well as the reasons you want to do it as soon as possible.

Here is why Salesforce Administrators worldwide get their Certifications.

There are lots of reasons more and more Salesforce Admins are willing to invest in Salesforce Certifications. Let`s talk about the most common, the ones that are often discussed on Salesforce forums and Q&A sessions.

  • Becoming a competitive candidate – more and more employers mention Salesforce Certification among the requirements for candidates for the Salesforce Admin position. Many experts believe that soon enough this point will become mandatory for all Salesforce candidates. It s because employers understand that Salesforce certification is not a formality but a thorough process meant to equip a professional with the most relevant knowledge and skills;
  • Professional development – while technically, the knowledge and skills you get during your Salesforce training will be enough to secure your first Salesforce job, neglecting Salesforce Certification you deprive yourself of the career development and perspectives Salesforce has to offer today;
  • Marketability – are you worried that there are much more experienced candidates that will not let you get the desired Salesforce Admin position? The fact is that any employer would prefer to hire a Certified Salesforce Administrator even if they have less practical experience. It is an indication that you are a serious professional with insights and skills unavailable for those who neglect the certification;
  • Learning opportunity – remember how they told you on your Salesforce training course that Salesforce is a profession where you never really start learning? You always need to stay on the cutting edge to deliver the most relevant solutions. And there is no better way to get that knowledge than regular Salesforce Certification.


Certified Salesforce Administrators not only have better chances to get the job they want but also have a unique opportunity to receive the latest Salesforce updates first and build a reputation as a high-class professionals.

So, even if you are at the stage of Salesforce Admin training for beginners at the moment, it is time to start thinking about your future Salesforce Certification as an integral part of your training. Just like Salesforce online course, the Certification process is available in-person or remotely, can be easily fit into any schedule or lifestyle, and will help you achieve all those goals and perspectives that attracted you to a Salesforce Career in the first place.

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