Hello World API using MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform

Hello World API using MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform

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Dear Readers,

In the previous post, you have learned what MuleSoft is and why it is useful for the enterprise business and how it is helping us to integrate the various systems and helping the business to have everything in one place to help their employees to boost productivity and help their customers as well.


In this blog post, we will talk about how to develop your first API and yes we will start with Hello World API which is the basics for all programming languages.

System Requirements

Like every programming language we have to do the setup, MuleSoft also has its studio which is used to develop the APIs and MuleSoft project. Below is the system requirement which is required to develop the API using the MuleSoft platform.

PC requirement

  1. 2GHz CPU
  2. 20GB free hard drive space
  3. 8 GB RAM ( 16 GB RAM is recommended )

System Requirement

  1. JDK 8 or above ( Now included with Anypoint Studio ) Or
  2. Zulu JDK ( Now included with Anypoint Studio )
  3. PostMan ( preferred ) or Advanced Rest Client for testing the API

Download AnyPoint Studio Platform

Before we start working on our first API, we need to download the required tool which is AnyPoint studio, to download the tool click on the given link and download for the required OS which you are using.


Note: – If you see a 30-day free trial. Please do not get panicked it is a lifetime free tool that we can use. 30 Days free trial is for Anypoint cloud-based platform.

Once you have downloaded the file, please follow the below link to install the studio on Mac OS.

Link to install the Studion in Mac OS – https://docs.mulesoft.com/studio/7.10/to-download-and-install-studio-ox

To install the studio in Windows OS follow the below steps

  • Extract the zip file and store it in any drive of your machine
  • Navigate to the location where you have extracted the studio
  • Double click on the “AnypointStudio” file to open the studio
  • You will see the below screen and you can choose which location you want to store all your MuleSoft Projects

If you see the popup like below then click on the “Continue to Studio” button

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