Exploring the Exciting Salesforce Flow Features Updates in Winter 2024

Exploring the Exciting Salesforce Flow Features Updates in Winter 2024

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Are you ready for some fantastic news in the world of Salesforce? The Winter 2024 release is here, and it is bringing along a whole bunch of exciting new features and long-anticipated updates that will take your Salesforce journey to a whole new level. 

The team of CRS Info Solutions, your trusted online Salesforce training institute, studied them thoroughly and is thrilled to give you a sneak peek into what is coming your way.

Autolaunched Flows based on Data Cloud Changes

You can now launch Autolaunched Flows triggered by Data Cloud when there are changes to data model entities or deduced insight entities. 

For example, now you can change a Unified Individual’s loyalty ranking based on updates in their account.

How it works:

  • Type “Flow” in the Quick Search field and select “Flows” 
  • Click “New Flows” -> “Data Cloud-Triggered Flow” 
  • Establish the entity’s data environment and the conditions that trigger the flow within the flow’s initiating component.

Create Customized Error Messages in Record-Activated Flows

No more confusing error messages! Winter ’24 introduces the Custom Error Alert component, allowing you to create unique error alerts for your record-activated flows. 

Now any issue can be identified precisely, and the user can fix it and try again. In other words, these alerts can guide users on how to resolve issues boosting workflow efficiency.

How it works:

  • Select a Custom Error Alert component 
  • Choose where it will be displayed (“In a window on a record page” or “As an inline error on a field”)
  • Enter error message

Filters Now Make Finding Record-Triggered Flows Simple

Ever found yourself lost in a sea of record-triggered flows? Well, no more! Salesforce Winter ’24 update lets you use filters to refine your search in the Flow Trigger Explorer. 

Now, you can easily locate the right flow based on its status, package condition, or process category. This makes your flow management a breeze, especially when you are diving deep into Salesforce training.

How it works.

  • Setup page -> Flows section -> Flow Trigger Explorer.
  • Select the entity you want to create, update, or remove.
  • Select the filters you want by tapping the filter icon.

Flow Resources in Create Records Elements

Creating records has never been this user-friendly. Winter ’24 update allows you to select resources in the Create Records components within Auto-Layout. 

Now you can enjoy an interactive breadcrumb trail, updated icons, and a “New Resource” option at your fingertips!

How it works:

  • Create Records component -> Use all values from a record -> Record or Record Collection section. Determine where you stand with your resource selection using a new interactive trail.

Update Values for Essential Options

Imagine a scenario where need to input pricing details for services in a Flow. With the Winter ’24 update, you can go back to a prior display and make changes without losing track. 

For example, if you change the price of a service, the subsequent display will automatically update the total. It’s like magic! This feature definitely becomes a must-know in our Salesforce course for beginners. 

How it works. 

Add an element to the display. Select a setting for Values on Revisited Displays in the element’s settings section’s Advanced settings section.

Quickly Acquire Data Cloud Records in Flow Builder

Data Cloud and Salesforce objects are now neatly categorized in Flow Builder. When you are working with Data Cloud records, you will now see a detailed card that helps you choose the right entity. 

This simplifies your workflow and enhances your understanding, making it a perfect addition to our Salesforce course for beginners.

How it works.

Choose whether you want records from a Salesforce entity or a Data Cloud entity in the “Get Records” component. then select the desired entity.

No More Coding: Send Salesforce Data to an External Server Using HTTP Callout

Sending Salesforce data to an external server is no longer a coding challenge. Winter ’24 Salesforce update brings structured JSON illustrations, immediate error prompts, and a clear function to erase page samples. 

An important feature to keep in mind if you are preparing for a Salesforce job interview.

These updates and new features will definitely enhance the functionality and usability of Salesforce Flow, making it a more powerful tool for Salesforce Admins, Salesforce Developers, and business users. We expect to see them in the upcoming Salesforce interview questions.

The faculty of CRS Info Solutions is already working on the updates of our Salesforce training course, which will include these and other new Salesforce features that will see the light in Winter 2024.

Whether you are a beginner or a Salesforce professional looking to enhance your Salesforce skills, embrace the latest Salesforce updates, and align your knowledge with the latest trends in Salesforce, our online Salesforce training covers everything you need to know and includes hands-on training as well as Salesforce interview questions to help you become an efficient, job-ready professional!

Stay tuned, keep learning, and embrace the power of Salesforce with CRS Info Solutions!

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