DevOps Online Course

About DevOps Online Training Course

CRS Info Solutions DevOps Online Training is created for those who want to develop and align their DevOps skills with the latest updates and trends in the field. During this DevOps online course, you will learn to use essential tools such as Docker Networks, Development Cycles, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins, Nagios, and others. 

This online DevOps training was created by experienced, certified CRS Info Solutions instructors who excel in teaching both the fundamentals and specific nuances of DevOps concepts. Together, we shall walk you through the practical features of DevOps and help you gain hands-on experience through practical assignments and examples from real life. 

Join the DevOps online certification training to kick-start your successful career as a DevOps Engineer today!

DevOps Online Training from CRS Info Solutions: What we offer?

  • Free demo class for everyone
  • 30-day training
  • 20 hours of study materials
  • Extra classes and bonus assignments to help you achieve a superior level
  • 24/7 access to all the study materials, including recorded videos of each lesson
  • Flexible schedule. Learn at the most comfortable pace!
  • Practical assignments and projects from real businesses
  • DevOps certification-oriented curriculum

DevOps Online Training: What You Will Learn!

The DevOps online training curriculum from CRS Info Solutions covers DevOps essentials, Continuous Integration Automation, Continuous Deployment, and an introduction to essential DevOps tool categories, including Development Life Cycle Management, configuration management tools, source code management, automation tools, and continuous monitoring tools. 

In addition, the DevOps online course includes information about Chef, an introduction to Docker, Docker Integration, Docker Swarm, Jenkins, Nagios, and more!

Introduction to DevOps

  • What is DevOps?
  • History of DevOps
  • Dev and Ops
  • DevOps definitions, Software Development Life Cycle, and main objectives of the DevOps
  • Infrastructure As A Code
  • Prerequisites for DevOps
  • Tools (Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Vagrant, and so on.)
  • Continuous Integration and Development

Linux Concepts

  • Linux Installation
  • User Management
  • Package Management
  • Networking

Automation Concepts

  • OS Basics
  • Scripting Introduction
  • Learn Shell Scripting
  • Database Concepts
  • Shell Variable, Decision-Making, and Shell Test Conditions
  • Shell Loops, Re-directors, Exit status

Revision Controls System

  • Subversion Controls/Git
  • Working with local repositories, remote repositories
  • branching
  • merging
  • cloning
  • fetch/pull
  • Installation of Git Server

Configuration Management

  • Chef/Puppet/Ansible Introduction
  • Chef server Hands-on, workstation setup, Chef Distribution Kit, and Concepts


  • Attributes
  • Resources
  • Cookbook
  • Run list
  • Recipes
  • Supermarket

Build Automation

  • Introduction with Maven
  • Maven Structure and Phases
  • Installation of Maven
  • Configuration
  • jar/war project structure

Tomcat Web Server

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Tomcat Manager
  • Application Management
  • App Deployment Methods

Nexus Artifacts/Proxy Tool

  • Introduction to Nexus
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Repository Management
  • Proxy Management
  • Integration with Maven

Jenkins Framework

  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Jenkins Installation
  • User Profile and Management
  • Security and Plugins Management
  • Builds Setup
  • Integration with Git, Maven, Tomcat

LAMP Setup

Apache/HTTPD Web Service

  • Installation of Apache
  • Configuration of Apache
  • Static Pages
  • Dynamic Pages
  • PHP Integration

MySQL Database

  • Working with Database
  • Introduction to MySQL Database
  • Configuration
  • User management
  • Permission management
  • Creating Database
  • Data insertion/update
  • MySQL Data Backup, Hands-on, and MySQL GUI Tools

Installation of WordPress with LAMP

  • Vagrant
  • Introduction to Vagrant
  • Vagrant Terminologies
  • Installation of Vagrant
  • Vagrant Proxy Project and hands-on

Working with Docker

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker Terminologies
  • Installation of Docker
  • Docker image creation and Docker hands-on

System Monitoring

  • Introduction to Nagios
  • Concepts behind Nagios
  • Nagios Installation
  • Hands-on

DevOps Project Work

  • Project LAMP Setup
  • Web layer
  • DB Layer
  • App Layer
  • Monitoring

DevOps Online Training: FAQs

CRS Info Solutions offers unique DevOps online training that will help you kick start and boost your successful DevOps Engineer career.

Still, have questions? We are here to help you!

Who should take the DevOps online training?

The Online DevOps Course from CRS Info Solutions is perfect for:

  • IT Professionals
  • Application Developers
  • Integration Specialists
  • System Admins
  • Security Engineers
  • Solutions Architect
  • Software Testers

What are the admission requirements for the DevOps online training?

Here are the general requirements for enrolling in this DevOps online training:

  • Prior experience, professional or academic background in IT;
  • A fundamental understanding of Linux or scripting (advantageous. Our mentors provide a Linux self-paced course to help you align your knowledge with the course materials)

Why should I do the DevOps training online?

CRS Info Solutions offers an online DevOps training course with a curriculum designed to help you study at a comfortable pace and on a flexible schedule. Join the studies whenever you want, using the most convenient device, and enjoy 24/7 access to all the study materials and support from our team of mentors.

What skills will I get from this DevOps online training?

The DevOps online course is aimed at the most recent industry needs and skills that will help you excel in the profession. You will learn the essential skills, handpicked by our experienced faculty based on the job postings from leading companies that are searching for DevOps Engineers right now! 

Here is what you will learn in the DevOps online course:

  • Implementing Software Version Control
  • Creating CI/CD Pipelines using Jenkins
  • In-depth knowledge of DevOps methodology
  • Automating build and test using Selenium and Maven 
  • Containerizing Code on production using Docker
  • Configuration Management using Puppet and Ansible
  • Performance Tuning and Monitoring using Nagios
  • Container Orchestration using Kubernetes

How soon do I get access to the DevOps Online Training materials after signing up for the course?

You can join a free demo DevOps online class before applying for the course. Aspirants get access to their personal e-learning platforms immediately after registration for the online training. You can enter your online DevOps training platform 24/7 and get unlimited access to videos, MCQs, practice tests, real-case practical assignments, and eBooks. You can also get in touch with the mentor-led classes and recorded classroom sessions.

Who Are the Mentors of DevOps Online Training from CRS Info Solutions?

Our faculty consists of experienced, practicing DevOps Engineers from all over the world. They have experience working with different companies and organizations, deep knowledge of the latest trends in the field, and an understanding of the real-time demands of modern DevOps professionals.

Except for the fundamental information about DevOps and its vital mechanisms, they provide personal insights about the field, its trends, and perspectives and help you gain the necessary level of knowledge and confidence with thorough guidance from people who know all the ins and outs of DevOps.

Do I get any hands-on experience during the online DevOps training course?

Every CRS Info Solutions course includes a perfect blend of theoretical materials such as eBooks, MCQs, and PPTs and practical study tools like real-time industry-oriented assignments, and case studies to provide aspirants with comprehensive training and real-world experience.

This DevOps online training program includes engaging and informative real-life case studies that you will solve with the help of your mentors.

Our real-time DevOps scenarios and assignments are drawn from genuine and top-tier industries and company cases. It allows aspirants to develop a grasp of how these sectors work in practice.

We don’t limit your learning to only theory; we also deliver real-world job market project-based studies. Where you will gain hands-on experience with realistic problems related to the courses we provide.

What if I miss a class in my online DevOps training?

CRS Info Solutions is here to assist you and help you learn at a comfortable pace and fill instantly the blanks.

Every class is recorded, so aspirants can catch up with the group in case they miss a class or need to revisit a certain topic.

In case you feel that you are falling behind or need additional information, CRS Info Solutions offer extra classes and bonus assignments specifically designed for aspirants of DevOps online training.

Is it job-oriented DevOps online training?

CRS Info Solutions offer online courses and training programs designed with the latest requirements and trends in the DevOps job market.

  • You learn marketable skills and gain hands-on experience essential for a successful DevOps job search;
  • DevOps online training is guided by practicing experts and includes assignments and case studies from real businesses worldwide;
  • CRS Info Solutions advocates for industry-based learning rather than blindfolded preparation for exams. Here you will learn to apply your skills, develop professional confidence and gain the level of knowledge most demanded in today`s DevOps job market.

DevOps hiring industries and companies.

DevOps Engineers are highly demanded in various industries such as:

  • Information Technology 
  • Software Product
  • Banking 
  • Telecommunications

And more!

Completion of the online DevOps training from CRS Info Solutions will allow you to apply for jobs in:

  • Microsoft
  • American Express
  • Amazon
  • UPS
  • Apple
  • Netflix
  • Google

And other leading companies that hire qualified DevOps Engineers worldwide.

Still, have any questions? Contact CRS Info Solutions today and get comprehensive consultation from our team.

Don’t forget to join our free DevOps online demo class to clear up all your possible concerns and make an informed decision about joining the online DevOps training course and starting your successful career as a DevOps Engineer.