Define CRM and mention differences between CRM and ERP?

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Define CRM and mention differences between CRM and ERP?

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Define CRM and mention differences between CRM and ERP?

  • As per the above, Salesforce offers 2 CRM solutions: Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.
  • What is CRM?
    • CRM is a software model that is used to manage all aspects of an organization’s interactions with its Customers and Prospects, including (Marketing, Sales and Support: like campaigns, phone calls, emails, social, opportunity lifecycle. cases… etc. It is customer-centric, hence the name Customer Relationship Management.
  • The CRM approach tries to analyze data about customers’ history with a company, to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention, and ultimately to drive sales growth
  • Goal of CRM: increase Sales, increase communication, streamline business processes, decrease operation cost.
  • What is ERP?
    • CRM is often confused with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing). Whereas CRM is mainly customer centric, ERP is Enterprise centric: it is used to plan the resource of an Enterprise
  • For example, if a company manufactures and sells Electronics, it will have 2 major units:
    • Manufacturing Unit: inventory management, resource planing, manufacturing, shipping, payment..etc – This is all Enterprise centric, back-office… therfore this is maintained by ERP.
    • Sales and Service Unit: Marketing, customer info, reports, opportunities, cases..etc. – this is all customer centric, they interact with the customer, they know their customer, Front office… therefore this is maintained by CRM.
  • Other CRM Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Siebel, Peoplesoft, SugarCRM…
  • Some ERP solutions: SAP, Oracle E-business suite, JD Edwards, SAGE…

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