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Informatica ETL tool is market leader in data integration and data quality services. Informatica is successful ETL and EAI tool with significant industry coverage. ETL refers to extract, transform, load. Data integration tools are different from other software platforms and languages. They have no inbuilt feature to build user interface where end user can see the transformed data. Informatica etl tool “power center” has capability to manage, integrate and migrate enterprise data. So Informatica Online Training will be helpful to you to excel in that field.


Course Content:


1. Power Center Components 

a) Designer
b) Repository Manager
c) Workflow Manager
d) Workflow Monitor

2. Informatica Concepts and Overview

a) Informatica Architecture.
b) Source Qualifier
c) Target Designer
d) Transformations
e) Mappings
f) Mapplets
g) Sessions
h) Tasks

3. Sources 

a) Working with relational Sources
b) Working with Flat Files

4. Targets 

a) Working with Relational Targets
b) Working with Flat file Targets

5. Transformations 

a) Expression Transformation
b) Lookup Transformation
c) Sequence Generator Transformation
d) Filter Transformation
e) Joiner Transformation
f) Sorter Transformation
g) Procedural Transformation
h) Router Transformation
i) Aggregator Transformation
j) Update Strategy Transformation
k) Union Transformation
L) Rank Transformation
M) Transaction Control Transformation
N) Normalizer Transformation
O) Source Qualifier Transformation
P) Stored Procedure Transformation
Q) XML Source Qualifier Transformation
R) Debugging Mappings


a) Unconnected lookup Transformation
b) Mapplet a
d) Defining Reusable Transformations.
e) Tasks And Types of Tasks.
f) Worklet
g) Scheduling Work flow
h) Target Load Plan
i) Types of Batch Processing
j) Link conditions
k) Mapping Parameters
m) Mapping Variables
n) Defining Session Parameters
o) PMCMD Utility

7. TYPES Of LookUp Caches.
a) Static LookUp Cache
b) Dynamic LookUp Cache
c) Perisistance lookup Cache
d) Shared LookUp Cache

7. Task Types:

1 Session
2 Command
4 Timer
5 Event Wait
6 Event Raise
7 Decision
8 Assignment
9 Control
10 Worklet and basics of data ware housing concepts

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