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ETL Testing

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ETL Testing

 Retrieving Data using the SQL SELECT Statement

  • Capabilities of the SELECT statement
  • Arithmetic expressions and NULL values in the SELECT statement
  • Column aliases
  • Use of concatenation operator, literal character strings, alternative quote operator, and the DISTINCT keyword
  • Use of the DESCRIBE command

Restricting and Sorting Data

  • Limiting the Rows
  • Rules of precedence for operators in an expression

Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output

  • Describe the differences between single row and multiple row functions
  • Manipulate strings with character function in the SELECT and WHERE clauses
  • Manipulate numbers with the ROUND, TRUNC and MOD functions
  • Perform arithmetic with date data
  • Manipulate dates with the date functions

Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions

  • Describe implicit and explicit data type conversion
  • Use the TO_CHAR, TO_NUMBER, and TO_DATE conversion functions
  • Nest multiple functions
  • Apply the NVL, NULLIF, and COALESCE functions to data
  • Use conditional IF THEN ELSE logic in a SELECT statement

Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions

  • Group Functions
  • Creating Groups of Data
  • Restricting Group Results

Displaying Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins

  • Introduction to JOINS
  • Types of Joins

Using Subqueries to Solve Queries

  • Introduction to Sub queries
  • Single Row Subqueries
  • Multiple Row Subqueries

Using the SET Operators

  • Set Operators
  • UNION and UNION ALL operator
  • INTERSECT operator
  • MINUS operator
  • Matching the SELECT statements
  • Using ORDER BY clause in set operations

Managing Tables using DML statements

  • Data Manipulation Language
  • Database Transactions

Introduction to Data Definition Language

  • Data Definition Language

Introduction to Data Dictionary Views

  • Introduction to Data Dictionary
  • Describe the Data Dictionary Structure
  • Using the Data Dictionary Views
  • Querying the Data Dictionary Views

Creating Sequences, Synonyms, Indexes

  • Overview of sequences
  • Overview of synonyms
  • Overview of indexes

Creating Views

  • Overview of views

Retrieving Data by Using Sub queries

  • Retrieving Data by Using a Subquery as Source
  • Working with Multiple-Column subqueries
  • Using Scalar subqueries in SQL
  • Correlated Subqueries
  • Working with the WITH clause
  • Analytical Functions


  • What is Data Warehouse?
  • What is Business Intelligence?
  • Online Transaction Processing System (OLTP)
  • OLTP Vs Data Warehouse (OLAP)
  • Architecture of Data Warehouse
  • Data mart
  • Top Down (Immon) Vs Bottom Up (Kimball)


  • What is data Model?
  • E-R Modeling
  • Dimensional Modeling
  • Dimension table
  • Fact Table
  • SCD Type 1
  • SCD Type 2
  • SCD Type 3
  • Types Measures or Facts or Metrics
  • What is Schema?
  • STAR Schema
  • Confirmed Dimension
  • Junk Dimension
  • Degenerated Dimension
  • Types of Fact Tables
  • Fact less fact

ETL Testing

  • Introduction
  • What is ETL Testing?
  • Responsibilities of a ETL Tester

ETL Testing Methodologies

  • Smoke Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • ETL Testing Work Flow Process
  • How to Prepare the ETL Test Plan
  • How to design the Test cases in ETL Testing.
  • How to reporting the Bugs in ETL Testing?
  • ETL Testing Responsibilities.
  • How to detect the bugs through database queries

ETL Testing with Informatica PowerCenter

  • SAMPLE Loading from source to target
  • Testing Heterogeneous Sources
  • SORTER Transformation
  • FILTER Transformation
  • ROUTER Transformation
  • EXPRESSION Transformation
  • JOINER Transformation
  • UNION Transformation
  • AGGREGATOR Transformation
  • RANK Transformation
  • SEQUENCE GENERATOR Transformation
  • Flat File
  • Look up Transformation
  • SCD type 1
  • SCD type 2
  • SCD type 3
  • Update Strategy
  • XML Source Qualifier
  • Types of load (Full, incremental, Refresh)

ETL Testing with SSIS

  • Packages
  • Cubes

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