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Salesforce Admin Tutorial – 5

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Fields Fields are columns of a Salesforce object. They represent certain details about the object. For example, our Employee object can consist of the following fields.  Fields also can be standard and custom. Name is an example of a standard field, which Salesforce has created for our Employee object by…

Salesforce Admin Tutorial – 4

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Objects and Tabs An object in Salesforce is a database table that stores a collection of records and fields. Here, fields act as table columns while records act as rows. Before reading 4th tutorial, please read Salesforce Admin tutorial – 3, explains about how to create Salesforce Apps. Salesforce…

Salesforce Admin Tutorial – 3

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Salesforce Apps In Salesforce, applications are a collection of objects or tabs. Objects here refer to something similar to database tables. Tabs, on the other hand, are links that take you to these tables. We use these objects and tabs to manage records of different types. Read the previous article…